In a future where the United States has split along party lines, Agent Matt Tennimore’s job is to get people out of the Confederated Red States. Read 18% Gray by Anne Tenino by Anne Tenino by Anne Tenino for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Read “18% Gray” by Anne Tenino with Rakuten Kobo. In a future where the United States has split along party lines, Agent Matt Tennimore’s job is to get people.

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I liked that there was a slow build-up to their relationship. Annee to Read saving…. Go ahead and throw in some silly humor, fabulous UST, tense action scenes and emotional depth as well. They felt very connectedlike her characters in all of her books tend to feel to me.

Task Force Iota 1. Man did that feel like a super long story.

James has been experimented on by the government and was implanted with a chip that has been changing a lot of things about him. He also has to deal with his growing psychic abilities that make him a huge asset as they confront many obstacles. A Case of Possession.

Review: 18% Gray by Anne Tenino

View all 6 comments. Will our two lovers make it to safety? James was keeping him. James Anje is the rescued. This does have a lot of acronyms and is fairly detailed on governments, their agencies and operations. So, 3 stars it is. Overall it was a great listen.


18% Gray (Task Force Iota, #1) by Anne Tenino

I just don’t get it. Even if the setting tackles important issues, there is no preaching but it’s clear where the sympathies of the author go and the story is light and there’s always a vein of humor. I loved how Matt and James knew each other in the past and while it’s not friends to lovers it’s more like enemies to lovers! I found the sci-fi elements to be confusing I kept getting the branches of the military mixed-up and a bit on the dull side.

I skimmed through most of their techno-jibber-jabber and went straight to the good stuff.

Review: 18% Gray by Anne Tenino – Under the Covers Book Blog

Typos everywhere, and this was a “professionally done” and edited work. No one can rumble like Eric! Really, the chemistry between the MCs was soo good: Both are covert-ops trained military veterans, who have seen combat action. Oh, yeah, you don’t know why, because there was no Worldbuilding. This story was so easy to follow, it was like I was watching a movie. Grayy you’ve got scrappy and resilient Matt who’s been tasked to extract his high school crush from a red state.

But, I am a science fiction fan, not a romance fan. I guess I was hoping for more nuance, and as the title seemed to promise, more shades of gray.

Technically I should say Miz adopts Matt and James lol. I think that, if there is a sequel, it may be beneficial to have a list either at the beginning or the end of the book showing what each group was so the reader could refer to it and have a better grasp of the story. Lady, these men are not interested in what you have to offer! Red states are ultra conservative – sex is basically forbidden and being gay is criminal. I don’t like e-books and generally forget I have them on my iPad or Kindle.


But more and more things are changing for him because of the chip and I am very curious to see what the next book will bring as far as the plot since it seems it will probably develop more the sci fi storyline. I really liked the story – it was both Funny, sweet and filled with action and had a great story Line. Then James confesses he tormented Matt in high school because James wanted him. OMG this book made me laugh out loud sometimes. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori.

Mostly she lies on the couch, eats bonbons and shirks housework. View all 5 comments. Narrator – Paul Morey 4. Sep 14, Heller rated it really liked it Shelves: Then James confesses he tormented Matt in high school because James wanted him.

This is all great stuff and I think this is where the author talent lies. Whenever I thought I was starting to like the characters, they did or said something that didn’t seem to go with the situation or state of mind.