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The belt can not properly spread the impact forces.

Find the LATCH anchorages for the seating position you want to use, where the bottom of the seatback meets the back of the seat cushion. But do it as little as possible. Malfunction Indicator Lamp Check Engine Vmc Your vehicle is equipped with a computer which monitors operation of the fuel, ignition, and emission control systems.

Check to make sure the spare tire is stored securely. So much water can build up under your tires that they can actually ride on the water. Here are some things to keep in mind. You may also need brakes for the vehicle being towed. Engine Oil GM Goodwrench the requirements for your vehicle. Check that the headphones are facing the front of the vehicle. Automatic Ggmc System When it is dark enough outside, your Automatic Headlamp System will turn on your headlamps at the normal brightness along with other lamps such as the taillamps, sidemarker, parking lamps and the instrument panel lights.


Audio Steering Wheel Controls If your vehicle has this feature, some audio functions can be adjusted at the steering wheel. The radio will play while the tape advances. Problem Recommended Action Sometimes the wireless Check for obstructions, headphone audio cuts low batteries, reception out or buzzes.


When the video screen is not in use, push it up into its latched position. Seven-passenger Vehicles For seven-passenger vehicles, there is a top strap anchor for each seating position in the second row. Page 31 Lap-Shoulder Belt All rear seat positions have lap-shoulder belts. These mean there is something enboy could hurt you or other people.

The light tells you if there is an electrical problem.

Canadian vehicles indicate pressure in kPa kilopascals. A cold check is used only as a reference.

Playing a Disc To play a disc, gently insert the disc with the label side up into the loading slot. Steam and scalding liquids from a hot cooling system can blow out and burn you badly. Instrument Panel Cluster Instrument Panel Cluster Your instrument panel cluster is designed to let you know at a glance how your vehicle is running. The next day turn on the ignition and check the indicator light.

To turn the dome lamps off, press the button.

GMC Envoy Owners Manuals

It can cause unconsciousness and death. Rear Window Defogger The rear window defogger uses a warming grid to remove fog from the rear window. You cannot see or smell CO. Rear Seats Head Restraints Adjust your head restraint so that the top of the restraint is closest to the top of your gm.


Drinking evoy then driving is very dangerous. Check under the vehicle to see if the cable is visible. Do not keep driving if the oil pressure is low.

Have you checked all levels? Instead, it uses vehicle anchors and child restraint attachments to secure the restraints.

Turn the key to LOCK. The repairs would not be covered by your warranty. If the vehicle slips off the jack you could be badly injured or killed. Turn the knob to this symbol to manually turn on the following: Here are the most important things to know about the airbag system: Let us say the road is wet and you are driving safely.

For 7 passenger vehicles, if the position you are using has an adjustable head restraint, raise the head restraint and route the top strap under it. The children or others could be badly injured or even killed. Make sure the release button is 4. Delayed Locking This feature delays the locking of the doors and the liftgate when using the power lock or the remote keyless entry system.