University of Newcastle upon Tyne Intl. Summer School Creative Writing: North of Where? Commentary on the power of Symbolism in Tayeb Salih’s story:” . The short story A Handful of Dates, by Tayeb Salih uses many different themes and literary techniques to tell a story of an innocent young boy discovering life’s. A Handful of Dates By: Tayeb Salih. This story is about a young boy whos looks up to his grandfather as a god. They are muslim which means.

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Sarah November 5, 7: We’ll be harvesting the dates today, said Masood. The Modern Sudanese Uandful. I remembered Masood’s remark to me when he had once seen me playing with the branch of a young palm tree: In your opinion what do you think the theme of the story is?

It is also possible that Masood is acting timidly due to the fact that he knows z dates will be unfairly distributed. When they got there the grandfather sat on a stool while Masood harvested the dates. Your email address will not be published.

Short Story Analysis: A Handful of Dates by Tayeb Salih – The Sitting Bee

hndful It is as though the narrator is coming of age. Please correct the spelling it is not the koran it is Quran. I felt myself drawing close to Masood, felt my hand stretch out toward him as though I wanted to touch the hem of his garment.

He is always there for his grandfather and the grandfather is always there for the narrator. All this fell into Masood’s lap, was inherited by him from his father. Log In Sign Up. The position had changed now, though, and I think that before Allah calls me to Him I shall have bought the remaining third as well.


My grandfather never laughed. Narrated in the first person by a man looking back at an incident when he was a child the reader realises after reading the story that Salih may be exploring the theme of connection. The strange thing was that I never used to go out with my father, rather it was my grandfather who would take me with him wherever he went, except for the mornings, when I would go to the mosque to learn the Koran.

Hawla Thulathiat El Tayeb Salih: Though tiny and brief, the story intelligently amalgamates all the tools necessary to accomplish a comprehensive picture for an theme of exploitation: Ally Gilmour April 7, at 5: Saadbhat October 28, 5: Mousa the owner of the field next to ours on the eastern side took five, and my grandfather took five.

It may be felt in the careful use of character phrases in the same handfuul as it is displayed in fine and vivid pictures. But in text book it is koran. If you were the boy, would you of reacted in the same manner?

Nikita’s Blog: A Handful of Dates – By :Tayeb Salih

hansful I remembered Masood’s singing, his beautiful voice and powerful laugh that resembled the gurgling of water. I asked my grandfather why Masood had sold his land. His stories are celebrated for their high degree of originality, humoristic and symbolic airs as well as their incorporation of aesthetic and literary features.


Not only it adds much to the genuineness and originality of the work and agitates enjoyment but it enables to consider the factor of locality in drawing critical insights about the interpretation of the story’s themes and lessons.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. What would you have done if you sxlih in the boys shoes? The latter being one of them; it can also refer to the exploitation practiced by nationals when a powerful individual or firm uses or abuses his status or capacities to bring others to their knees underpay them, forcing them to lose hold of their possessions, snapping the fruition of their labor, standing on the way of their development, denying their right to share power, wealth, luxury, etc.

Then, the grandfather said that Masood was till in debt to him. He also told this to the boy the narrator that the palm trees also have feelings like happiness or sadness. Would it seem like he is a completely different person?

A Handful of Dates by Tayeb Salih

If anything the narrator may feel as though he has more in common with Masood who he likes than he does with his grandfather. Don’t you want oc be there?

In your opinion do you think that the little boy will forgive is grandfather or will he still hate him?