Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Campanile, Achille, ; Format: Book; p. ; 23 cm. Achille Campanile (Rome, 28 September – Lariano, 4 January ) was e immortalità dell’anima () Vite degli uomini illustri () L’eroe (). Achille Campanile (Rome, 28 September – Lariano, 4 January ) was an Italian writer conversazione (); Asparagi e immortalità dell’anima ( ); Vite degli uomini illustri (); L’eroe (); Tragedie in due battute ().

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Achille Campanile Rome, 28 September — Lariano4 January was an Italian writer, playwright, journalist and television critic known for his surreal humour and word play. Achille Campanile Achille Campanile Rome, 28 September — Lariano, 4 January was an Italian writer, playwright, journalist and television critic known for his surreal humour and word play.

Campanile is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include: Achille Campanile —Italian writer, playwright, journalist and television critic Anthony Campanile bornAmerican football coach Giovanni Agostino Campanile diedRoman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Minori Pasquale Festa Campanile —Italian screenwriter, film director and novelist Raffaele Festa Campanile bornItalian television author, screenwriter, film director and music producer Viviana Campanile Zagorianakou bornGreek beauty pageant contestant Pier Paolo Pasolini Italian: Pasolini also distinguished himself as an actor, journalist, novelist, playwright, and political figure.

He remains a controversial personality in Italy due to his blunt style and the focus of some of his works on taboo sexual matters, but he is an established major figure in European literature and cinematic arts. His murder prompted an outcry in Italy and its circumstances continue to be a matter of heated debate. Biography Early life Pasolini was born in Bologna, traditionally one of the most politically leftist of Italian cities.

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He was the son of Carlo Alberto Pasolini, a lieutenant in the Italian army, and Susanna Colussi, an elementary school teacher. His parents married inPasolini was born in and named after his paternal uncle. His family moved to Conegliano in and, two years later, to Belluno, where another son, Guidalberto, was born. InPasolini’s f Antonio Francesco Gramsci ;[1] Italian: He wrote on political theory, sociology and linguistics.

He attempted to break from the economic determinism of traditional Marxist thought and so is considered a key neo-Marxist. He wrote more than 30 notebooks and 3, pages of history and analysis during his imprisonment. His Prison Notebooks are considered a highly original contribution to 20th century political theory.

The notebooks cover a wide range of topics, including Italian history and nationalism, the French Revolution, fascism, Fordism, civil society, folklore, religion and high and popular culture. His best known works include the Our Ancestors trilogy —the Cosmicomics collection of short storiesand the novels Invisible Cities and If on a winter’s night a traveler He was the most-translated contemporary Italian writer at the time of his death.

His father, Mario, was a tropical agronomist and botanist who also taught agriculture and floriculture. In an autobiographical essay, Italo Calvino explained that his father “had been in his youth an anarchist, a follower of Kropotkin and then a Socialist Reformist”.

Salvatore Sciascia Italian pronunciation: He founded a publishing house in in Caltanissetta. He found several literary talents early in their careers, including: He published a portrait of John F.

Kennedy before his election as President of the USA, about the series: Primo Michele Levi Italian: He was the author of several books, novels, collections of short stories, essays, and poems. His best-known works include If This Is a Manpublished as Survival in Auschwitz in the United Stateshis account of the year he spent as a prisoner in the Auschwitz concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland; and The Periodic Tablelinked to qualities of the elements, which the Royal Institution of Great Britain named the best science book ever written.


His death was officially ruled a suicide, but some have suggested that the fall was accidental. His father, Cesare, worked for the manufacturing firm Ganz and spent much of his time working abroad in Hungary, where Ganz was Carlo Levi Italian pronunciation: November 29, — January 4, was an Italian-Jewish painter, writer, activist, anti-fascist, and doctor.

Vite degli uomini illustri / Achille Campanile | National Library of Australia

Inthe book became the basis of a movie of the same name, directed by Francesco Rosi. Lucania, also called Basilicata, was historically one of the deyli and most backward regions of the impoverished Italian south.

Levi’s lucid, non-ideological and sympathetic description of the daily hardships experienced by the local peasants helped to propel the “Problem of the South” into national discourse after the end of World War II.

Levi graduated from high school Alberto Moravia Italian pronunciation: His novels explored matters of modern sexuality, social alienation and existentialism. Moravia is best known for his debut novel Gli indifferenti and for the anti-fascist novel Il Conformista The Conformistthe basis for the film The Conformist directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.

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Moravia once remarked that the most important facts of his life had been his illness, a tubercular infection of the bones th He is best known for Il formaggio e i vermiEnglish title: Wchillehe published The Night Battles, an examination of the benandanti visionary folk tradition found in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Friuli in northeastern Italy.

He returned to looking at the visionary traditions of early modern Europe for his book Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches’ Sabbath. His interest for history was influenced by the works of historians Delio Cantimori and Marc Bloch. He received a PhD from the University of Pisa in He subsequently held teaching positions at the University of Bologna, the In his writings, including articles and his book Gomorrah his debut novel that brought him famehe uses literature and investigative reporting to tell of the economic reality of the territory and business of the Camorra crime syndicate and of organized crime more generally.

Since October 13,he has lived under police protection. The Viareggio Prize Italian: His novels have been translated into a wide number of languages. He currently lives in Rome with his wife and two sons. Life After receiving degrees in philosophy under Gianni Vattimo and piano, he published essays on music criticism: Il genio in fuga on Gioachino Rossini, and L’anima di Hegel e le mucche del Wisconsin “Hegel’s Soul and the Cows of Wisconsin”, on the relation between music and modernity.

Baricco debuted as a novelist with Castelli di rabbia translated as Lands of Glass in In he co-founded a creative writing school in Turin, naming it Scuola Holden after J. The Scuola Holden hosts a variety of courses on narrative techniques including This is a list of notable Italian writers, including novelists, essayists, poets, and other people whose primary artistic output was literature.

Giorgio Bassani 4 March — 13 April was an Achiole novelist, poet, essayist, editor, and international intellectual. Biography Acholle was born in Bologna into a prosperous Jewish family of Ferrara, where he spent his childhood with his mother Dora, father Enrico a doctorbrother Paolo, and achlle Jenny.

In he completed his studies at his secondary school, the liceo classico L. Music had been his first great passion and he considered a career as a pianist; however literature soon became the focus of his artistic interests. In he enrolled in the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bologna. Commuting to lectures by train third class from Ferrara, he studied under the art historian Roberto Longhi.


His ideal of the “free intellectual” was the liberal historian and philosopher Benedetto Croce. Despite the anti-Semitic race laws which were introduced fromhe was able to graduate inwriting a thesis on the nineteenth-century writer, journalist, radical Her mother was Jewish and her father was Sicilian. Except for a period during World War II, she resided in her home city until her death in She married the novelist Uomimi Moravia inand through him she met many of the leading Italian thinkers and writers of the day.

Morante began writing short stories which appeared in various publications and periodicals, including periodicals for children, in the s.

Her first book was a collection of some of the stories, Il Gioco Segreto, published in She is best known for her collaborative work with Indo-Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta: Sidhwa wrote both the novel Ice Candy Man which served as the basis for Mehta’s film Earth as well as the novel Water: A Novel on which is based Mehta’s film Water.

Biography After graduating in engineering at Bologna University inGabriele Mucchi abandoned the profession to devote himself to painting, following in the footsteps of his father Anton Maria. In he moved to Milan and the following year he exhibited with the Novecento Italiano group.

At the end of the war he return The legacy, however, as he wants the will, must go in part to finance a medical structure for crazy animals. Only then Baron Tolomeo may have the rich heritage. The affair proves complicated, because Tolomeo has a love affair with the beautiful Maria Luisa. The troubles continue when in life of Tolomeo breaks his poor twin-brother Antonio, physically like him, who secretly falls in love with Maria Luisa.

La sculacciata is a Italian comedy film directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile. It is based on the comedy play Neurotandem by Silvano Ambrogi. Carlo Amatriciani Roberto Antonelli: Dizionario del cinema italiano: Achille Valdata 30 March Deeply in love with Portugal, he was an expert, critic and translator of the works of Fernando Pessoa from whom he drew the conceptions of saudade, of fiction and of the heteronyms.

Tabucchi was first introduced to Pessoa’s works in the s when attending the Sorbonne. He was so charmed that, back in Italy, he attended a course of Portuguese language for a better comprehension of the poet. His books and essays have been translated in 18 countries, including Japan.

In later life he was mentioned as a conte Abe has been often compared to Franz Kafka and Alberto Moravia for his modernist sensibilities and his surreal, often nightmarish explorations of individuals in contemporary society. This triplicate assignment of origin was influential to Abe, who told Nancy Shields in a interview, “I am essentially a man without a hometown.

This may be what lies behind the ‘hometown phobia’ that runs in the depth of my feelings. All things that are valued for their stability offend me.