AKAI CAU B User Manuals. PDF Download AKAI CAU B English user manual · PDF Download AKAI CAU B Hungarian user manual · PDF. márc. Akai CAU MP3 autós lejátszó nem kapcsol be.Táp csatlakoztatáskor egy pillanatra felvillan a kijelző de bekapcsolni nem lehet. VERSION IND-XBT. USER MANUAL VERSION IND-XU. IND- BT Manual – Bravo View Technology. AKAI CAU B English user manual.

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Thank you for purchasing this product. Please read through these operating csu so you will know how to operate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. Aakai connect the unit to a volt power supply with negative grounding. Please don’t change the fuse on the power cord without professional guidance, using improper fuse may cause damage to this unit or even cause fire.

No audio output; ajai. No image output; c. Water or other obstacle enters the unit; d. However, this illustration is not necessary printed as the actual image found on the unit.

Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. Do cqu open covers and do not repair yourself. Refer servicing to qualified personnel. Two Laser Products Wave length: No hazardous radiation is emitted with safety protection.

To reduce the ca of fire electric shock, and annoying interference, use only the included components. Caution of Disc Using 1. Never insert a 3-inch 8cm CD contained in the adapter or an irregularly cak CD. The unit may not be able to eject it, resulting in a malfunction. Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe the disc from center to edge, only neutral detergent can be used. When playing a new disc. New disc may have some rough spots around the inner and outer edges.

If such a disc is used, remove these rough spots with a pencil or ball-point pen, etc. An independent license for such use is required. For details, please visit http: This unit may not operate correctly depending on the application used to encode WMA files. External peripheral devices with RCA audio and video outputs can be connected with the unit.

Return to previous menu 8. Aiai repeat play Track random play Press to listen to a preset station, and hold for more than 2 seconds to store station. Search and store stations automatically Return to previous menu Angle DVD only Replacing the lithium battery When the range of operation of the card remote control becomes short or no function, replace the lithium battery with a new one.


Make sure the battery polarity replacement is correct. Pull out the battery holder while pressing the stopper. Insert the battery holder into the remote control.

Title DVD only 3. Subtitle DVD only If a,ai child accidentally swallows the battery, consult a doctor immediately. Otherwise, the battery may start wkai give off heat, crack or catch fire.

Tag id3 tag ver 2. Multi card reader not support 7. Just, get the same speed with USB 1. Not all kinds of USB devices are compatible akxi the unit. Press to turn on the unit. The unit goes back to the last status after power on. Press again to power off. The adjustable range of volume is 0 to When Parking Brake Applied 1. If ‘PRK SW’ cable is connected to hand brake switch, the video display of the TFT monitor will be controlled by driving status, system setup and input video sources.

The above warning screen will prevent the driver watching images. The passengers at the rear seats can watch normally.

Playing Source Selection Method 1 Short press the SRC button on the panel or remote control to cycle through all the available sources: The unit returns to the original work mode after the reverse driving is done. Method 2 In any mode, long press the SRC button on the panel or remote control to enter main source menu, then use navigate button to select the desired mode, and press OK to confirm.

Rotary Knob Menu 1. Rotate the knob to adjust volume level. Hour-Minute As you select segments of the clock display the segment selected will be highlighted. Turn the rotary encoder to select from the following equalizer options: When the equalizer function is not active, the unit will return to the most recently selected bass and treble levels.

OFF, 80, or Hz. The rating can be selected only under the password unlocked status, and the limits can be worked only under the password locked status. HUE Set the hue of the video output with to Record the password and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

If you forget the password, please enter to reset a new password. If the DVD disc does not contain the subtitle file in the selected language, the subtitle will be displayed in the default language. English Spanish Portuguese Select one language that you are familiar with to display system menu. If the DVD disc has the audio file in the selected language, the dialogues you listened to will be in the selected language.

If the DVD disc does not contain the audio file in the selected language, the dialogues you listened to will be in the default language. AF function will implement the regional code of the PI and only stations in the current region can be tuned automatically.


AF function will ignore the regional code of the PI and stations in the other regions can also be tuned automatically.

Stations with strong and weak signals can be broadcast. Only station with strong signal can be broadcast. AF function is activated. AF function is disabled.

When TA mode is turned on, the TA indicator will blink.

User Manuals – Smartphone, GPS, TV, Electronics

When traffic announcement is received, the TA indicator will display. The unit will temporarily switch to the tuner mode regardless of the current mode and begin broadcasting the announcement at TA volume level.

After the traffic announcement is over, it will return to the previous mode and volume level. Current Preset Channels 3.

Akai CAU-7180B Operating Instructions Manual

Radio Station Frequency 7. Display shows wave band, frequency, and preset station number if already stored. Select a band if needed. Hold AMS more than 2 seconds, the 6 strongest available stations will be automatically saved in the preset button numbers Select a band if neededthen select a station. Press and hold a preset button numbers on the front panel or remote control. The preset number and station is displayed and highlighted. Selecting a Station Press the or another station.

Press the buttons again to akau the radio frequency number up or down one step. During manual seeking, if the pause between two operating steps is longer than 5 seconds, or buttons, the unit will enter press the cak seeking. Preset Mode Six numbered preset buttons store and recall stations for each band. The stored stations P1-P6 for the current band can be viewed on the screen. Press a front panel or remote control preset button numbers to select the corresponding stored station.

Please understand if RDS service is not available in you area, the following service is not available.

Akai CAU-7180B Manuals

RDS FM stations provide a program type identification signal. When the radio signal strength is poor, enabling the AF aiai will allow the unit to automatically search another station with the same PI program identification as the current station but with stronger signal strength.

PS Program Service name: The name of station will be display instead of frequency.