Espesye sa tanom nga asparagos ang Allium stracheyi. Una ning gihulagway ni John Gilbert Baker. Ang Allium stracheyi sakop sa kahenera nga Allium sa. Botanical Name, Allium stracheyi BAKER. Family, LILIACEAE. Used In, Ayurveda . Distribution. This species is found in the western Himalayas in Jammu. This is the Plant Details for Allium stracheyi BAKER.

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In the section was considered to consist of 58 species and 7 subspecies.

Allium stracheyi Baker | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

Although this lineage consists of three subgenera, nearly all the species are attributed to subgenus Ameralliumthe third largest subgenus of Allium. To distinguish between the two, the older section is designated Scorodon s. Some of the subgenera correspond to the once separate genera CaloscordumMilulaNectaroscordum included in the Gilliesieae. In a more focused study in this was expanded to 20 sections and 22 subsections, or in some cases, e.


Jussieu, Antoine Laurent de Both bulbous and rhizomatous species occur in both Old World and New World alliances. Journal of Biological Research. Our new book to be released soon is Edible Shrubs.


Under the alliance system of classification proposed by Ownbeyspecies north of Mexico and two Mexican endemics were treated as eight informal alliances: Royal Society of Chemistry.

Horticulturally, it is represented by at least four groups, including leeks, whose exact ancestry has been considered uncertain.

India Biodiversity Portal

Dogs seem to be particularly susceptible[76]. We are currently updating this section. The juice of the plant is used as a moth repellent. The ‘Alliaceae’ have been treated as Allieae within the Liliaceae or Aspholecaceae, a partial synonym family by most authorities since. Retrieved 28 January Regel produced a major monograph of the genus in[18] and this remained the major reference work for over years till the molecularly based study of Friesen and colleagues in Retrieved 10 February The Old World clade is represented by two alloum small groups from the Mediterranean and Stracheti Asia.

Infrageneric grouping of Allium— the Gatersleben approach. In their study there were a number of larger sections with 15—35 species, AcmopetalaMegaloprasonRegeloprasonKaloprasonand Acanthoprason.

It is therefore unplaced within subgenus Allium or considered the sole member of section Scorodon s. Asia – Himalayas from Kashmir to western Nepal. The species strwcheyi hermaphrodite has both male and female organs and is pollinated by Bees, insects. Retrieved 8 January Document specific stracheti options Title.


It was a relatively large section with several subsections. It includes published material or suggestions from stracheyl author or others. Allium names and synonyms – a world guide.

Plant Details for a Allium stracheyi BAKER

Known or potential benefits of the species for humans, at a direct economic level, as instruments of education, prospecting, eco-tourism, etc. Retrieved 10 January Codonoprasum from Evvia Island, Greece”. User Group specific search options Title. Technology Biodiversity in India. New species continue to be described [2] and Allium is both highly variable and one of the largest monocotyledonous genera, [3] but the precise taxonomy of Allium is poorly understood, [3] [2] with incorrect descriptions being widespread.

Molecular studies demonstrate the presence of two clades within the section.

Alliorum adhuc cognitorum monographia.