Amitraz intake is rarely lethal and management is symptomatic. Lack of a specific antidote and management protocols for amitraz intoxication, leave only the. Amitraz poisoning is fairly uncommon in humans and occurs via oral, dermal or inhalational routes. Only a limited number of case reports of. Other frequently occurring symptoms after massive amitraz intoxication are CNS depression, respiratory depression, miosis.

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Amitraz – intoxication – morbidity – overdose – pesticide – poisoning – toxicity. Although amitraz and its active metabolite inhibit insulin and stimulated glucagon secretion from the perfused rat pancreas in a concentration-dependent manner 16we did not find hyperglycemia in our case. Views Read Edit View history.

Even though amitraz undergoes hydrolysis reactions at any pH, spectrophotometryHPLCand GC-MS studies revealed that pH-depending differences occur, affecting both the sort of reaction-products and the reaction rate. Four cases of amitraz poisoning in humans. Hornish and Nappier [ full citation needed ] detected that the metabolic pathway after dermal administration follows the same route of degradation as after oral uptake, because the parent compound, N-methyl- N’- 2,4-xylyl formamidine and form-2′,4′-xylidide were found in urine and blood also after dermal administration.

S Afr Med J ; Acute akitraz poisoning in adults: In animals, amitraz akitraz signs of CNS depression or stimulation according to the dose levels.

CASE REPORT – Amitraz: An unusual poisoning

Incidence of poisoning in Rafsanjan, Iran. Indian J Pediatr ; Find articles by Nastaran Eizadi-Mood. Xmitraz and Laboratory Findings. On arrival to our center, her symptoms were coma with no response to poisonnig stimuli, midriasis with negative light reflex. Arch Environ Contam Toxicol ; The patient was weaned from ventilator, extubated the same day, and shifted to the ward on the next day. A mutation can lead to a working version of the octopamine receptor but with an altered pesticide target side.


Williams and Wilkins; Find articles by Ali Mohammad Sabzghabaee. Sweta, Srivastava U, Agarwal A.

Acute amitraz poisoning in adults: clinical features, laboratory findings, and management.

Please review our privacy policy. Poislning Medical Publishing; Six human cases of amitraz poisoning. Basic toxicological approach has been effective in two poisoned patients with amitraz ingestion: Clinical evaluation of amitraz as a treatment for canine demodicosis. Animal studies revealed that damages due to amitraz poisoning can be recovered even after exposure to a potentially lethal dose.

Toxicol Appl Pharmacol ; In addition the replacement of the dialkylformamide with an N -alkylpyrrolidone can be used to obtain products of the clenpyrin group from this reaction. The activation of these receptors by an agonist as amitraz generally induces a sympathetic response. The evacuated gastric contents were sent for toxicological analysis. Toxicol Rev ; Five patients required mechanical ventilation for respiratory depression mean duration of mechanical amitras support: A 22 years old male, ingested tablespoons of amitraz poison in a suicidal attempt at night and was admitted to the emergency department almost after 10 hours.

Life Sciences, 23 25— Can J Physiol Pharmacol ; Chemistry, biological activity, and uses of formamidine pesticides. Feenstra Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology.

Effects of urapidil, clonidine, prazosin and propranolol on autonomic nerve activity, blood poisonlng and heart rate in anaesthetized rats and cats. Animals that survive after toxic ingestion of a potentially lethal dose of amitraz show complete recovery from all signs and symptoms in about days. Clonidine poisoning in Jefferson County, Alabama. The patient started regaining consciousness with spontaneous eye opening and purposeful response to verbal stimuli after 12 hours of intensive care.


The use of a pour-on and spray dip containing Amitraz to control ticks Acari: In our study atropine was used before reaching hospital to treat bradycardia. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol ; Amitraz — Substance Summary.

The patient was managed with symptomatic treatment, her condition started improving after 12 amiraz and she was discharged in good health over next 36 hours.

How to cite this URL: Six patients were thought to have been poisoned with an organophosphate and three with a carbamate pesticide due to confusing clinical picture; four of these nine patients received pralidoxim. Higher doses have a CNS depressent effect with reduced spontaneous activity, bradycardia, hypothermia and respiratory depression leading to death.

Results and Discussion Amitraz is a pharmaceutical, veterinary, and an agricultural product which is used worldwide. The amitraz- octopamine receptor interaction restrains these normal functions of the octopamine receptor. As no specific antidote for amitraz poisoning exists, symptomatic treatment, comprising of intravenous atropine mg every hourantacids, multivitamins, diuretics and maitraz fluids, was instituted.

Efficacy of Amitraz plus Metaflumizone for the treatment of canine demodicosis associated with Malassezia pachydermatis. Amitraz’ induced delay of gastrointestinal transit in mice: Arterial blood gas ABG analysis revealed metabolic acidosis with a pH of 7.

The first step of this synthesis route to an N-arylformamidine as amitraz is the reaction of a substituted formamideusually a dialkylformamide, with an aniline. A limited number of human intoxication cases have been reported in the literature with distribution of cases scattered worldwide.