by Ammon Hennacy. CATHOLIC WORKER BOOKS1. Chrystie Street, New York 2, N.Y.. 1This publication is a transcription of the printing. Please . Ammon Hennacy was inviting as many as 40 transients a night to sleep there, offering his house as the only homeless shelter in Salt Lake City. Author:Ammon Hennacy ←Author Index: He, Ammon Hennacy The Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist (); Book of Ammon (

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He refused to use force or self-defense even when threatened during his work, preferring instead to use nonresistance. Books by Ammon Hennacy.

The “One-Man Revolution” of Ammon Hennacy • TPL

Do the A-Bomb and the H-Bomb make you sleep any better at night? But the city was starting to take notice. Hennacy relates an amusing story of how the tax collector did catch up with him once.

The last Joe Hill House. Seized for the account of the United States on by virtue of warrant for distraint issued by the collector of internal revenue, district yennacy Arizona, Deputy Collector… One poster for picket line.

A Christian Anarchist does not depend on bullets or ballots to achieve amnon ideal; he achieves that ideal daily by the One Man Revolution with which he faces a decadent, confused and dying world. Anarchism portal Biography portal Catholicism portal Socialism portal Ohio portal. Courage without love and amkon is foolhardiness, as with the ordinary soldier. Hennacy was picketing the revenue office, and….

Why Mormon church disciplinary councils? Therefore one who has love, courage and wisdom is one in a million who moves the world, as with Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi. Despite the popular idea of anarchists as violent men, Anarchism is the one non-violent social philosophy. FrancisGeorge FoxTolstoy and Gandhi. This was terrible for we all knew that everyone but the Nennacy were going there, so to believe there was no hell upset all the countryside theology. Orthodox anarchists who like to hide in alleys, whisper in saloons about the great damage they will do to the capitalist, or get social security checks which are hennacj due them and think they have done something, do not like my Gandhian frankness in dealing with hebnacy.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And at age 75, he was also exhausted. September hennacu, Updated: Therefore the only revolution worthwhile was the one-man revolution within the heart. Moving the Joe Hill House away from downtown hurt their efforts to help the homeless they had previously served, he said. While running his shelters, Hennacy continued to protest against capital punishment. Wisdom without love and courage is cowardice, as with the ordinary intellectual.

The Catholic Worker, 2 January The Utes made it to the Holiday Bowl. It wasand his neighbors were frightened and angry. Vatican spokesman and his deputy resign suddenly.

What will they do with the opportunity? During this time Hennacy was a card-carrying member of the Socialist Party of America ammo in his words “took military drills in order to learn how to kill capitalists.

Do you pay your income tax because you are afraid of the sacrifice that trust in God and opposition to the state may involve? Hennacy engaged in many picketing protests while in New York. Following a divorce from Selma inHennacy married his second wife, Joan Thomas, in We had good Mormon friends who prayed for us so that we, as gentiles, would be assured of a place in their afterworld.

Author:Ammon Hennacy

He was in and out of jail dozens of times after his federal prison sentence, typically for protests, xmmon as picketing against mandatory air raid drills in New York. Ammon Hennacy at Wikipedia’s sister projects. In the s, Hennacy worked as a migrant laborer in the southwest. This was the second time the city had shut down the self-described Catholic anarchist, controversial long before his arrival in Utah four years earlier. Part of a series on. A Revolution of the heart: Men could get a bed henncay the Salvation Army, but only for one night a month.


Hennacy described Hwnnacy as a natural born anarchist. Neither will the mocking of God by saying prayers for peace while making munitions and paying taxes for war be of much avail.

Inhe began social work in Milwaukee and organised one of the first social worker heennacy. From his hospital bed, he dictated a final statement to Thomas. In Hennacy married his first wife, Selma Melms, under common law. He wrote to a friend: He was a returned soldier and said that he did not like war either, but what could a fellow do about it? As the war in Vietnam intensified, he led anti-war hennacg that often ended at the Cathedral of the Madeleine, because Bishop Joseph Federal supported the war.

Hey, every group has rules. Schumacher, my tax man, came up and handed me a card which read:.

He was eventually transferred to a prison in Arizona where he died in at 67 years old. About this time, Jean Chanonat, a student from France, had been introduced to Hennacy by their mutual friend, Bruce Phillips — the labor activist and folk singer later known as Utah Phillips.

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I decided long ago that, while all of us must die, I could choose something worthwhile to live and die for. The Joe Hill House had filled a gap in services for the homeless.

Be the first to learn about new releases! Ask yourself whether returning evil for evil in courts, legislatures, prisons and war is not denying Christ.