In “House of Stone,” Anthony Shadid recounts the year he devoted to restoring his great-grandfather’s home in the southern Lebanese town of. Anthony Shadid. · Rating details · 2, ratings · reviews. “Evocative and beautifully written, House of Stone should be read by anyone who wishes . ‘House of Stone’ by Anthony Shadid is a profound and poignant tale of fractured lives and a broken region.

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However, because although he speaks Arabic, he is not at home in the land of his grandfathers, so his problems are much more difficult than running off to Home Depot or using the Yellow Pages.

House of Stone by Anthony Shadid: He would be so happy doing it. For Shadid was a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, and his posthumous memoir has been promoted on several TV shows and web sites. For someone who doesn’t know much of the region and its history and I’m going to guess that’s a majority of the readershipyou’d think that what completely ruined Lebanon is Israel; not Syrian intervention, not the decades of civil war and sectarianism, not the fact that the whole south of the country is an enclave to itself that the government cannot control.

He became a war correspondent and had covered three years of war in Iraq and Baghdad. He spends time describing beloved photographs and the cover teases us with bits of photographs that may or may not be his family – actual photographs would have been wonderful. Dead bodies, bombs, destroyed families and the little things found that have been left behind as a testament to what once was. Home, whether it be structure or familiar ground is, finally, the identity that does not fade.


On the other side are Mount Hermon and its peaks, which serve as borders of Israel and Syria.

Anthony Shadid, Finding Peace In A ‘House Of Stone’

In the United States we deplore such violence and intolerance, believing ourselves much more tolerant and open to others. It’s a worthwhile book, though I suspect sbadid might begin to skim some of it!

He spent a year restoring the home to its former glory and reminiscing about the history of his family and of the Middle East. In February of this year Anthony Shadid died while trying to escape from Syria in a horse-drawn column of refugees. In other words, if you don’t know your geography and basic history of Lebanon, you’ll probably be a bit bewildered. Thank you for signing up! The stories from his family’s emigration are beautiful and compelling and work great intermingled with the stories etone the rebuilding of his ancestral house that are always funny and touching.

There are usually always two sides to a story even if one side shoulders more of the blame. Khairallah is teaching him how to care for bonsai now, somewhere in an alternate dimension. What kind of future does a country have when its people keep leaving or looking only back? Lists with This Book. For me, most of the characters, with only a few exceptions Dr.

They instill grace; they lull the world to anthkny. Not to Boston or Beirut—where he lives— or to Oklahoma City, where his Lebanese-American family had settled and where he was raised. No other book on Lebanon has captured the warmth and insanity of the men who live there. Which makes it a good book.

Not only was Shadid’s reporting flush with evocative detail, but it was marked by compassion and prose so precise it approached beauty — even as he described horrors. Family battles o are freighted. Lots of pages to chew on.

He remarried, had another child, went back to reporting. Profound, insightful, tragic and funny, his tale of fractured lives and a broken region extends to the universal problems of family, belonging, memory and loss.


‘House of Stone’ by Anthony Shadid

Watching the masons and craftsman who help restore this home Anthonyy learns the bravery to stay: The book gathers the tale of the Shadid clan and their peripatetic journey, starting as Bedouin travelers in Yemen to Marjayoun, then part of Syria, and later to Oklahoma in the early part of the 20th century. They worked hard, and became uouse the old fashioned way. He does some reminiscing on himself a bit, but brushes over that to sadid up a family tree story in snippets.

I may have learned more Oklahoma history from House of Stone than I did in a whole semester during 8th grade. The Globe’s top picks for what to see and do each weekend, in Boston and beyond.

Old loyalties may dissolve or, without warning, be altered.

House of Stone by Anthony Shadid | World Literature Today

It’s a shame he couldn’t have lived and wrote more. The house itself becomes a lens through which Shadid studies the often tragic history of his own extended family, of his ancestral aanthony, and of a vanished empire which, in hindsight, turned out to be worth rather more than the sum of its parts.

A year later, I still think about this book, and the impact it had on me.

I got the book after a heart-breaking interview with Nada, Shadid’s widow. It’s also almost impossible to not share his palpable sadness at the culture that is being slowly destroyed in the area of his family’s ancestral home.