Read “Cruel Enchantment” by Anya Bast with Rakuten Kobo. View our feature on Anya Bast’s Cruel Dark Magick series. Anya Bast lives in the country with her Belgian husband, their tornado toddler of a daughter, and more cats, dogs, and rabbits than is sane. Ever since she was a. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The fast-paced third installment of Bast’s Dark Dark Enchantment (A Dark Magick Novel Book 3) by [Bast, Anya].

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He wields weapons laced with his magick for all of his life.

Preview — Cruel Enchantment by Anya Bast. Three hundred odd years have passed Torn between duty and his feelings for Elizabeth Niall must find a way to do deliver the bosca fadbh pieces to his queen without losing the woman he loves.

Book 1 is Wicked Enchantment. I love the hot sex and dangerous men with strong women Anya writes along with the added action and excitement you just cant go wrong in trying this series, you may just find yourself truly enchanted as I did. There is definitely political stuff going on isn’t that necessary when you have the Seelie and Unseelie courts “b Anya Bast is a favorite of mine in just about any style she writes, but I really love this series.

Cause Aeric is hot! I was happy to find out just who was helping the Pheandir from the inside. Jun 30, Dragonwolf Feller rated it really liked it.

The Summer Queen has given Elizabeth two parts of the key needed to open the book that can free the fae from the prison that is Piefferburg. Emmaline, who used to be the summer queens evil assassin, escaped the roundup, and lives outside the fae reservation as free woman. And I definitely liked Elizabeth’s character, and not simply because she had red hair and could turn into water the little mermaid was one of favourite movies as a child but she was the most interesting of the four, with a cheeky and myster My favourite of the whole series.


In addition, the Shadow Queen must prepare for battle against the humans and Phaendir, who are at the gates of Piefferburg and ready to attack. To keep her fae race from being eradicated, Emmaline Gallagher must retrieve an object of fae power from a locked ancient box.

One of the founding members of the Humans for the Freedom of the Fae HFF organization, she’s spent the last few years deep under cover as a loyal human Worshipful Observer for the Phaendir, the group most responsible for the fae’s imprisonment.

He ambushes her and spirits her off to his home. Inside the requisite pages and right off I’m not into a man who physically manhandles a woman with the declared intent of killing her, but, and I cannot believe I’m even allowing a but, I never ever ever When Emmaline enters Piefferberg, Aeric is lying in wait for her. However, the conflict and sexual tension between the 2 characters was hard to put down. Liked the fact that both MC were a little older fae and had their own, interesting, history.

She lives in the country with her husband, daughter, eight cats, a dog, and an odd assortment of rescued animals.

Anya Bast, Cruel Enchantment – KD Did It Edits

A big no thanks. Using it her entire existence and then all of a sudden revealing her true form was without a doubt liberating. But will their tumultuous past stand in the way? This is the second installment in Dark Magick serie and I can say without a shadow of enchantmsnt that Ms. With that off my chest, I adore her Dark Enchantmet series. Yes, I’d be tortured and yes I’d be dead, but I can’t say no.


Mage Niall Quinn has received his marching orders from the Shadow Queen. Emmalime was a strong yet tortured character.

Cruel Enchantment

I liked that there weren’t constant reminders of his studly prowess or comparisons to the Holy Grail of Stallion Appendage Worship. The grown in Emmaline throughout Cruel Enchantment was amazing. Truly a man for all seasons.

I get her reasons but the I’ve hoped she will do the right thing. Well-plotted and cast with characters that are strong and personable, Cruel Enchantment is filled with tense suspense, delicious betrayal, and dangerous antagonists. Book ratings by Goodreads. Many times I found myself a bit upset with Aeric for treating her so poorly in the beginning echantment though I understood his anger since he felt she was truly evil.

Cruel Enchantment : Anya Bast :

We’ll publish bas on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Both he and Emmaline are severely damaged and had pasts that they needed to put behind them in order to move on with their lives.

Unfortunately for Emmaline, Aeric hasn’t forgotten or forgiven her for murdering his fiancee centuries earlier while she was the Summer Queen’s assassin. Oct 09, Marissa Dobson rated it really liked it Shelves: