TRIZ is “a problem-solving, analysis and forecasting tool derived from the study of patterns of. ARIZ is the central analytical tool of TRIZ. It provides specific sequential steps for developing a solution for complex problems. The first version. studied methods, techniques and knowledge from TRIZ. •. To practice the Multiple application for the first versions of ARIZ, Inventive principles, and Special .

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On Developing ARIZ-UniversalThe Triz Journal

This situation corresponds to cell of Table 3 that recommends the following solving principles: These software products open huge possibilities even in mature business not to mention the troz ones.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In addition also the number of steps should be reduced, from almost 20 to say 5 to 7.

It all started from the Technical Contradiction, TC, and the idea of reducing unnecessary work to try desperately apply all the 40 Principles to any problem situation and replace it with the Contradiction Matrix and only a few recommendations. According to separation of conflicting requirements in time we can see that first requirement “to be wide” should be actual at flight only and second requirement “to be narrow” should be actual during the driving along the road only!

It can be formulated for any features aspects of analysis of objects: There is a general similarity of purposes and methods with the field of pattern languagetrizz cross discipline practice for xriz describing and sharing holistic patterns of design.


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Here a decision has to be made as to which contradiction should be considered for further resolution. In Value Analysis we surely improved the products and processes, reduced the costs trlz added new features. Maybe you will find it not possible to solve the problem through the route you have chosen. Reject and regenerateor even if successful, to check arz outcome the other ways round.

Some of these programs are also designed to apply another TRIZ methodology whose purpose is to reveal and forecast emergency situations and to anticipate circumstances which could result in undesirable outcomes.


Clearly you must think the tube including air as a Tool and the pressure as Field. To overcome this difficulty, a thin layer of water-soluble dye is applied over the parachute mock-up, thus making the colored swirls visible in colorless water.

American Journal of Applied Sciences. In many cases the problem is solved by the end of Step 3.

These paradoxical situations should be stated and presented in their proper context as supplementary features and not as independent ones. This step guides you through an analysis of effects the new system may have on adjacent systems. For example, as regards the first IFR formulation: Retrieved from ” https: From the Matrix we obtain the following Principles: Retrieved 19 March Or is it not?

Perhaps we should leave the original Contradiction Matrix as it is and create new ones to e. Maybe we should be happy if and afiz we can improve TRIZ? Retrieved 2 October International Journal of Business Innovation and Research.


Should I use Loss of time, or Speed or Productivity if something has to be done more effectively?

All of these Principles are tfiz. We can include all the required arizz and special issues using ourselves the Nesting Principle: The Substance-Field drawing does not necessary apply to an Anticipatory Failure Determination type of problem.

Altshuller investigated thousands of real inventions and developed the following principles governing resolution of inventive problems:. This could alone be called a theory.

Based on a study of thousands of real inventions, several classes of transformation models has been open: Analysis of the problem.

It should be very near the actual Ideation Phase, preferably just before the triggering of idea flow. We friendly recommend you to visit website www. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The second option of functions set as applied to the above example emphasizes the conflict between function 2. For the example given above the second option of functions set two conflicting functions were identified: In tgiz, a complexity of problems with radical contradictions often does not exceed that of problems routinely solved with the use of such instruments as specialized transformations.