Clin Rheumatol. Jun;27 Suppl 1:S doi: /s Epub Jan Polymyalgia rheumatica/arteritis temporalis and acquired. Temporal arteritis (giant cell arteritis) is where the arteries, particularly those at the side of the head (the temples), become inflamed. It’s a serious condition that. Giant cell arteritis (GCA, also known as Horton disease, cranial arteritis, and temporal arteritis) is the most common of the systemic vasculitides.

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Back to Health A-Z. Temporal arteritis giant cell arteritis is where the arteries, particularly those at the side of the head the templesbecome inflamed.

Temporal arteritis – NHS

It’s a serious condition that requires urgent treatment. More general symptoms are also common — for example, flu-like symptoms, unintentional weight loss, depression and tiredness. Around half of all people with temporal arteritis also develop polymyalgia rheumaticawhich causes pain, stiffness and inflammation in the muscles around arteriis shoulders, neck and hips.


It can lead to serious problems like stroke and blindness temporakis not treated quickly. After having some blood tests, you’ll be referred to a specialist.

They may carry out further tests to help diagnose temporal arteritis.

If you have problems with your vision, you should have a same-day appointment with an eye specialist ophthalmologist at a hospital eye department.

Temporal arteritis is arterltis with steroid medicationusually prednisolone. Treatment will be started before temporal arteritis is confirmed because of the risk of vision loss if it isn’t dealt with quickly.

You’ll have regular follow-ups to see how you’re doing and check for any side effects you may have. Find out more about prednisolone and its possible side effects. Don’t suddenly stop taking steroids unless your doctor tells you to.

Doing so could make you very ill.

Giant-cell arteritis – Wikipedia

Arthritis Research UK has a booklet about temporal arteritis. It includes advice for living with the condition and details of support groups.


Skip to main content. Ask for an urgent GP appointment if you think you might have temporal arteritis.

Polymyalgia rheumatica/arteritis temporalis and acquired factor VIII inhibitor.

Important Don’t suddenly stop taking steroids unless aretritis doctor tells you to. Help and support Arthritis Research UK has a booklet about temporal arteritis. If you can’t speak to your GP and don’t know what to do next.

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