Ashab e Kahf they were Allah’s Wali, They were sleep nearly years. In that period they were breathing. but they did not know how much. Read Full STory about Ashab e kahf in e kahf is a real Qissa ghar walo can Read many article here about islam. In Christian and Muslim tradition, the Seven Sleepers (Arabic: اصحاب الکهف , translit. aṣḥāb al kahf, lit. ‘People of the Cave’) is the story of a group of youths who.

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In some countries people say: It mentions that some people would say that they were three, others would say five and some would say seven, in addition to one dog, and that they slept for years, plus 9, which could mean solar stkry or lunar years solar years are equal to lunar yearsquran did not specify the duration by saying ‘say God knows well the duration of their stay’. Instead they chose to give their worldly goods to the poor and retire to a mountain cave to pray, where they fell asleep.

Surah Yaseen of Quran is an Islamic Smartphone application for recitation. They remained in the Cave for three hundred years; and some others add nine more years.

It is doubt of that which is said that they slept ccclxii. Retrieved from ” https: The Islamic version includes mention of a dogwho accompanied the youths into the cave and stoory to keep watch.

The book includes extensive quotations from the Quran ‘s account. We should read this Yajoj Majoj information and also avoid from the sins.

The Seven Sleepers form the subject of a homily stry verse kkahf the Edessan poet-theologian Jacob of Serugh diedwhich was published in the Acta Sanctorum. The Thirteenth International Orion Symposium: Their population is ten times larger than the worlds population. Decius died inand many years passed during which Christianity went from being persecuted to being the state religion of the Roman Empire. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Tradition, Transmission, and Transformation: NTS Guide is the best for test preparation.


Ashab e Kahf Story In Urdu

They are still imprisoned today, and will be freed near the Day of Judgement. The Persian—Dutch writer Kader Abdolah gives his own interpretation of the Islamic version of the story see below in the book Spijkerschrift[11] based on the writer’s experience in the left-wing opposition to both the Shah ‘s regime and the Islamic Republic.

This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat They awoke, imagining that they had slept but one day, and sent one of their number to Ephesus to buy food, with instructions to be careful lest the pagans recognize and seize him. Medieval and Tudor Drama. King Zulqarnian imprisoned up behind a wall.

Seven Sleepers – Wikipedia

It also might have an influence on the motif of the ” king in the mountain “. When they woke up they thought that they had slept for only a day or so, and awhab sent one of them back to asuab city to buy food.

They asked him about young men who disappeared in the past, about a man who travelled the earth from east to west, and about the soul. The bishop ursu summoned to interview the sleepers; they told him their miracle story, and died praising God.

The story of the Companions of the Cave is referred to in Surah 18 verses Another sixth-century version, in a Syrian manuscript in the British Museum Cat. Islam teaches us the piece and love but its the sign of the Day of Judgment in Islam.


This grotto is still shown to tourists. Views Read Edit View history.

We will give you anything if you build a wall between the Yajooj Majooj and us awhab that they wont harm us. The Qur’an does not give their exact number. In Islam, these youths are referred to as the People of the Cave. It was retold by Symeon the Metaphrast. Soon after their aashab, the People of the Cave as the Qur’an calls them died and the people of their town buried them in the cave and built a place of worship there.

The Emperor, seeing that their attitude towards paganism had not improved, ordered the mouth of the cave to be sealed. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Muslims firmly believe in the story as it is mentioned in the Qur’an; however the location of the cave is not mentioned. Zulqarnain said, I dont need paying, but what I would like is that you can help me by bringing me pieces of iron, wood and coal.

Christian folklore Medieval legends Legendary people Saints from Roman Anatolia Groups of Christian martyrs of the Roman era Quranic narratives Sleep in mythology and folklore 3rd-century Christian saints. IT department of Dawateislami. Al Quran with Tafseer Explanation.