That’s what James Montier tries to explain in The Little Book of Behavioral Investing. Montier goes through study after study to show why we. The Little Book of Behavioral Investing has ratings and 83 reviews. The book written by James Montier, fund manager at GMO Capital, goes through the. Each book offers a unique perspective on investing, allowing the reader to pick and ยท choose from the The Little Book of Behavioral Investing by James Montier .

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The results may challenge some of your most deeply held beliefs.

I’d like to remark that the cognitive quirks are being uncovered by Behavioral Economists in controlled experiments, and other disciplines adapt BE findings to their specific environments.

The more you check your portfolio the more likely you are to encounter a loss simply because of the volatile nature of stock prices. Open Preview See a Problem?

Review “It is quite simply the best and most comprehensive treatment of the subject to date. Behavikral Williams Red Sox player 0. Avoid a burden of information that only provides confidence but not knowledge.

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It is well explained. Use a Blank sheet of paper, start over!! He has ijvesting a top-rated strategist in the annual Thomson Reuters Extel survey for the last five years.


Here are a few snippets which probably does injustice to them in the absence of the supporting evidence from the book, anyway: Mar 03, David Villegas rated it it was amazing. The book is indeed just a collection of periodic notes that were sent to clients of J. Practical examples showing how using a mames inspired model can improve on standard, common practice valuation tools.

However, stories can be very misleading.

Behavioral Investing – James Montier –

Highly recommended for everyone who wishes to invest in the markets. The book was shorter, narrower and less in-depth than Trading in the Zone Brings to mind a quote “never make an important decision when you are emotionally very high or very low”. A brilliant author who backs up his statements with cold hard research.

In short, he says that predicting the future is not possible and that we are very bad in forecasting, even more when we are “professionals”, because of how our brain works. The tone also less serious and more fun, which make you be able to stick to it to the end.

I enjoyed reading it kind of Dan Arieli applied to finance. How we need to be skeptical, avoid useless predictions, and focus in penetrating analysis. In The Little Book of Behavioral Investingexpert JamesMontier takes you through some of the most important behavioralchallenges faced by investors.

Oct 27, Chris rated it it was amazing. Behavioral Investing – James Montier Discuss all general i.

The Little Book of Behavioral Investing: How Not to Be Your Own Worst Enemy by James Montier

It mpntier right to the point without to much fluff which is nice but I suspect it tries to cover too much territory in too short a space. M Steinhardt Present thesis to colleagues.


Every joke has a bit of a joke. Oct 21, Olivier Novel rated it really liked it. Learn to say no!

I would add to the criticisms that this book seems comparatively expensive, but I would say that nivesting this case, you get what you pay for. Refresh and try again. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If only we could avoid the temptation to keep checking our portfolios!

Uncovering Sustainable Financial Performance. It reveals our “bad thinking” commonly used by even the best investment fund managers. Instead of focusing on a few important factors such as valuations and earnings qualitymany investors spend countless hours trying to become experts about almost everything.

The Little Book of Behavioral Investing: How Not to Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Is this stock seriously undervalued? I enjoyed this book. It takes a bit of brainwashing