TANDEMBOX plus BLUMOTION brings together all of the features, innovations and benefits that Blum has developed since the early ‘s. In addition to. Premium metal drawer system. TANDEMBOX plus BLUMOTION. TANDEMBOX . Adjustment for TANDEMBOX — N, M and Gallery drawers. Blum TANDEMBOX plus, arguably still the most robust drawer system on the market, gives you great freedom of design. Drawer sides and backs come in.

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Optimise your kitchen planning with Blum’s Zone Planner. Quality to the touch Blum has optimised the drawer side and developed a new front fixing bracket to further pous box stability. Sink cabinet Maximise storage capacity around your sink. Taiwan province of China.

Blum’s assembly app is a helpful tool in all matters relating to the assembly and adjustment of Blum fittings. Julia and Enver have a storage marvel in their bedroom. Our tried and tested metal box system offers a multitude of applications and great scope for design – ranging from standard to individualised solutions.

Our top quality sales measures will help you create inspiring product displays. Packaging Solutions Our packaging solutions are customised to fit in optimally with your manufacturing and logistics processes.


Tried and tested roller runner and proven technology. The elegant box system with slim sides for living areas throughout the home. For small wall cabinets and fitted units.

Theme We build on tried and tested technologies! Drawer side and cabinet profile components have been further refined to optimise the feather-light glide and deliver even smoother running characteristics.

Synchronised feather-light glide and 4-dimensional front adjustment.

Download professional marketing materials such as high-resolution images, videos, brochures and lots more. Descriptions, technical product features, CAD data and other useful information about Blum products. Maximise storage capacity around your sink.

The front pivots up and is ideal for mid wall units. Precision drilling and blmu insertion. For more design scope and top quality motion. Theme Blum for handle-less furniture Individual design meets supreme user convenience.

This larder unit excels in terms of easy access and ample space for provisions. CLIP top For proven function and perfect design. Two functions in one — an inspiring combination of opening and closing ease.


pluw CLIP top For proven function and perfect design. The whole family loves to cook in their handle-free kitchen. This will save time and shorten distances. Optimised feather-light glide Drawer side and cabinet profile components have been further refined to optimise the feather-light glide and deliver even smoother running characteristics. Tandembod take your individual needs into account and develop flexible bespoke logistical solutions. The bi-fold lift is ideal for high wall cabinets with large fronts.


A high-quality system with few component parts. Narrow cabinets Narrow cabinets allow you to use even the smallest storage space. Templates and jigs Simple and precise transfer of measurements.

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Tender Documents How can Blum help me with tendering? Fittings solutions by Blum Our fittings solutions make opening and closing furniture a mesmerising experience.

After 30 plud, Rudi Pfeiffer decided it was time for a new kitchen! Facebook Twitter Pinterest E-mail. Taiwan province of China. The versatile box system with concealed runners for metal drawers and pull-outs. Tandembo cabinet solutions Practical cabinet solutions improve workflows in kitchens and make optimal use of the storage space available. For soft and effortless closing.

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Find the right fittings solutions quickly and simply, download the CAD data and order products from your distributor. Tancembox front lifts up parallel to the cabinet. Maximise storage capacity around your sink.