BroadVision QuickSilver — one of the most powerful document creation and management tools available — enables businesses to create and publish lengthy. Pros: Wow! I can’t say enough about BroadVision QuickSilver. The ease of communication, universal inbox, dynamic content sharing, and easily managed. Discussion among translators, entitled: Advice on BroadVision QuickSilver. Forum name: Office applications.

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If anyone uses, or has tried to use, translation memory software such as Transit, Deja Vu or Translation Manager to help translate the contents of Broadvision Quicksilver formerly Interleaf files, I be grateful to hear your experiences.

Retrieved 13 November Classes might include common document elements such as a body, paragraphs, titles, subheadings, captions, etc. Boucher served as chief executive officer from until ; George served as chief financial officer. The availability of Quicksilver 3. Close and don’t show again Close. In the technical authoring and publishing area, Framemaker and Ventura Publisher became major competitors. I wonder whether you would be interested in selling your original copy.

You will have access to product documentation, frequently asked questions, the support knowledge base, product forums, expert QuickSilver users and more. Waste less time following up with others to make sure they have not only read broadvisioh you have sent them, but also have the most recent version of a document because of the accountability, versioning and workflow capabilities. Moving the topic Nov 26, broadviskon the Office Applications forum.

Christine Kee Local time: View full list of Document Management Software. Quicksilver allows our company to create extensive documents in virtually any language through the use of Unicode authoring and publish those documents to multiple output formats including XML, HTML, PDF and Postscript.



Just as JavaScript enables contemporary software developers to add functionality and “intelligence” to Web documents, Interleaf used LISP to enable document authors and engineers to enhance its authoring electronic publishing systems.

If this caused a change in pagination — increasing the quivksilver size could change where the page breaks were — the software would update the screen quickly enough for the author to continue typing, including altering all of the cross-references that the author may have inserted; this WYSIWYG capability was a competitive advantage for the company.

You can use my e-mail that is on my site below. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

QuickSilver Reviews, Ratings, & Comparisons

TPS later renamed to “Interleaf 5,” up through “Interleaf 7” was an integrated, networked text-and-graphics document creation system initially designed for technical publishing departments. Advice on BroadVision QuickSilver. One of BroadVision’s most famous clients during the dot com bubble was pets. Thank you for any comments in advance. Its initial product was the first commercial document processor that integrated text and graphics editing, producing WYSIWYG “what you see is what you get” output at near-typeset quality.

You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

Broadvision – Wikipedia

For example, the same documents could be formatted for reading on a small laptop screen or for a large workstation’s monitor. It works quickly and efficiently. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Who Uses This Software? That is, it internally treated a document as a set of element classes, each with its own set of properties. I did not notice your question before. Have a good weekend! See please my website: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


DocQ Smart DocQ-Smart is a powerful mobility enabled business system that provides incomparable value to the enterprise. Interleaf’s headquarters was in Cambridge, Massachusettsand later moved to Waltham, Massachusetts. It also automatically delivers them as personalized content to our connections!

Worldview Press prepared documents for online viewing via Worldview. I do not know whether I correctly understand what you mean. This article needs additional citations for verification.

I am still wondering how one can handle translation project for quicksilver with trados 6. DocQ-Smart delivers robust collaboration tools that empower people to connect via a BroadVision is an international software vendor of self-service web applications for enterprise social softwareelectronic commerceenterprise portalsand customer relationship management.

I would like to know more about QuickSilver. Would like to be able to copy and paste multiple items to the clipboard to reference like you can in Alfred and similar tools. Quicksilver is a great way to quick launch programs and apps using the keyboard. In its ecommerce services were introduced to the market and the company became public on Nasdaq in the next year. Erdbeersahne German to English Quicksilver 3.

BaccS — Business Accounting Software Modern desktop project management for freelance translators BaccS makes it easy for translators to manage their projects, schedule tasks, create invoices, and view highly customizable reports.