C8051F340 TB PDF

CF – MCU 8-Bit Embedded Evaluation Board. CFTB prototype board is designed for CF microcontroller. Silicon Lab​s’ USB microcontrollers, with embedded full speed USB , make it . Buy CFTB with extended same day shipping times. View datasheets, stock and pricing, or find other Embedded System Development Boards and Kits.

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Formatting using Windows Explorer: Follow the steps below and also refer to Figure Example Application – Temperature logging Rev. The development kit can be purchased separately from Silicon Laboratories www. The following are the requirements to use this Reference Design Kit as described in this User’s Guide.

Detailed setup instructions are shown below. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. In the ‘Connect using: At the end of this process, you will see three entries in Device Manager, and you should also see a Removable Disk in C8015f340 Explorer.

Memory card sizes should be greater than 16 MB, up to a maximum of 4 GB. Table 2 lists the supported commands along with explanations. CF34x family devices use the Silicon Labs 2-wire C2 debug interface.


CFTB Silicon Laboratories Inc, CFTB Datasheet – Page 9

You will see the text “Download successful” in the Build window if the firmware was downloaded successfully. Wait for a few seconds to collect some temperature data in the file. Type any name for the new connection, and click OK.

See Figure 8 for the correct c8051ff340 settings. Type “log” to stop the log. The operating system will detect the new hardware, recognize it as a standard USB Mass Storage Device, and install appropriate drivers.

This shows a ‘Download’ dialog. Silicon Laboratories makes no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding the suitability of its products for any particular purpose, nor does Silicon Laboratories assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit, and specifically disclaims any and all liability, including without limitation consequential or incidental damages.

Silicon Laboratories reserves the right to make changes without further notice.

This is an example of periodic logging, where the interval between logs is t in advance. Specific Hardware’ all shown in blue in Figure 3. This will not work properly if the existing file system is of a format other than FAT They are abbreviated to 8.


The events are logged with the time value in milliseconds that shows the time since the last event. The connected setup with a SD memory card is shown in Figure 2.


If the disk is formatted with a file system other than FAT16, or if you are not sure what file system is currently on the disk, you can perform a new format on the disk using the “Format” command available in Windows Explorer. Depending on which type of debug adapter you have, set up the hardware as shown in one of the two diagrams below Figure 5, Figure 6.

The ‘F ADC0 measures the temperature using the on-chip temperature sensor, which is then logged to a file.

The board hardware is described in sections 6, 7, and 8. Next, the correct “Debug Interface” must be selected.

The board schematic is shown in Figure Click the ‘Download’ button to download this firmware to the ‘F device. See Figures 11 and