The irony here is that camless engines are relatively easy to build. The average hacker could modify a small four-stroke engine for camless. The latest to catch my attention: engine valves that operate without camshafts. For decades the idea of electronically controlled electromagnetic. The cam, or camshaft, is a long rod with lumps on it which turns at half of the speed of the engine. The lumps, or lobes, each press on a valve at the top of the .

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Now the valve lifter: Just doing away with [continue reading] and putting the whole wall of text out front? More glass, a more complicated process to shape and form, more hazardous chemicals, ballast electronics, etc.

If you submit something with errors, then your grade is docked for those errors. Would love to see a working engine…. Engine valves Engine valvetrain configurations. Power supply has to be much more substantial than for EFI.

Is the Era of the Camless Valvetrain Finally Upon us?- Technologue – Motor Trend

To do this right, you need positive position feedback control on the valves. In addition forces are much, much larger than in a fluid control valve. Following some links around, I found ViVa piezo actuated values running an engine.

Modern car engines are all interference design — i. As the metal keeps moving past the coil, some of that kinetic energy is converted back into electricity, like a generator. The problem is, that they need more maintenance and care than piston engines, because wankels inject oil into the combustion area to lubricate all the seals.


My only question is that could such as system run at rpm or above without self destructing?

Camless piston engine – Wikipedia

Enginnes some of the back EMF can be dumped into an adjacent valve cycle to reuse the energy. Depends when a cam sprocket jumps time and the piston contacts the valve it is pushed back against the rest of the valve train and the engine binds until something bends or breaks such as the valve,rocker arm, push rod, or the piston crown.

This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Exactly when, and how fast a valve opens is determined by ebgines profile of the cam lobe. One time two valves took a hit and the local machine shop added a new wing to their shop. And I would point out the following things about transmission vs engine: At the core, a fuel injector is a solenoid controlled valve.

Camcon also discussed features and benefits in an article and video that was published in Autocar magazine [15] “New Valve Technology gives Petrols the Efficiency of Diesels”.

The current formula limits engine Enginex to 15, rpm section 5. My most recent iteration runs very well putting out nearly double the stock horsepower.

Where are all the Camless Engines?

Larger, heavier valves and higher revs require much more spring pressure to overcome the inertia of the moving valve. But apart from non-constructive criticism from me I have too wondered why we still got cams.

Throw in the tolerances of electromechanical components, and you either need hella precise parts or a good tuning procedure to tune out variations….


Now… The valve lifter: Frank Markus January 27, Also misc benefits like easier starting and cylinder deactivation. In general education beats regulation.

This means that it is physically impossible for the valves to crash into the pistons. The team first employed this solution on the Scuderi Split-Cycle air-hybrid engine I first covered in June It only takes a few hours to do, only happens once a decade, and presents a good opportunity to replace the oil and water pumps, etc.

Yes, voice coils could be used, but you are not going to be able to use neodymium magnets — they permanently loose their magnetism at temperatures over C — so you are now left with flew low cost magnet options. Could lead to some interesting cylinder configurations. While I would happily replace any engine on my farm with either of these, the Gotek Dynakinetic engine looks to me to be an amazing piece of engineering!!

Most car engines spend most of their lives operating in a very predictable, narrow band of operating conditions, so optimizing camshaft profiles for that scenario is not a big deal. This article covers four-stroke engines. Fill in your details below or englnes an icon to log in: Why not just replace the camshaft with really teeny weeny two stroke engines driving the valves? Fuel injects are solenoids, and valve lifters can be mad of solenoids, so their MTBF ought to be the same.