can lis. coursework on materials + daylight + understanding architecture. mallorca . So instead Jørn Utzon bought land near Porto Petro. Beyond the tourist trail on the Spanish island of Mallorca, Jørn Utzon built his family summer house, Can Lis, in the s. Jennifer McMaster. Architect Yoshiharu Tsukamoto of Atelier Bow-Wow shared with us his experience visiting Jørn Utzon’s Can Lis, a house on Majorca, Spain.

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Can Lis, Portopetro |

A series of pavilions connected by courtyards. Can Lis on the south-west coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Inside Can Lis, the signature crescent moon motif can be seen. The weathered pink stone of Can Lis evokes images of ancient ruins. Can Lis loggia showing thick stone pillars of a pink local stone. Pavilions set around simple courtyard spaces. Framed views out to the Mediterranean Sea. Windows frame interior vignettes, external vistas and light play. Peaceful vignettes are carefully framed.


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Courtyards between pavilions offer quiet moments. Dusk at Can Lis, looking out to the Mediterranean Sea. Can Lis at dusk.

Mallorca is a curious place. But that is in its off-season.

Packed with tourist resorts, themed restaurants and go-karting tracks, the joorn is teeming in summer, while, in winter, its shops lie boarded up and dormant. It lies just beyond one of the many tourist towns that ring the coast, yet it feels of another world entirely.

The front door, ytzon opened, displays the relief of a half crescent moon, a motif that reappears throughout the house: Behind this protective wall, Can Lis is arranged as a series of discrete pavilions connected by transitional space.

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You will shortly receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Jennifer McMaster Behind this protective wall, Can Lis is arranged as a series of discrete pavilions connected by transitional uttzon.


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