Canon Et QL17 manual online. Canonet QL17 Film Camera pdf manual download. Film Camera Canon Canonet G III QL17 Instructions Manual. (28 pages). Canon. G-II QL. CANON. CANON. SN: NO. 50 CO. Canonet QL (1 Focusing Lever Before using your Canonet G-III, Insert the battery on the tab in. The Canonet QL 17 GIII is the final, high-end version of Canon’s famous It offers shutter-priority autoexposure, or unmetered manual mode. Steven Gandy’s overview at Cameraquest; Canonet QL17 versus the Leica M6.

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This was an easy fix as there are no flash wires soldered to the top. I already put a roll of film in it but I may rewind it and figure out where I sent a little heavy with the seals.

Both the lens and viewfinder are free of any haze or fungus. The first Canonet QL17 from about does have a 45mm fixed lens. Thanks, i use ‘sunny 16’ when i’m outside, but some lighting conditions require something a little more accurate. Views Read View source View history. I have a set of photos documenting the repairs on Canonte of the Battery repair and the Rangefinder cleaning. The fact that the meter needle is responding makes the battery check light more or less irrelevant. The G-III is very well finished, more so than you would expect from this class of camera.

Great community of cabon out here!

The Canon web site goes on to explain that the “G” stood for “grade up” in quality improvement, and the “III” for the third of the Canonet series. But do keep in mind that the meter is disabled during manual mode, meaning that the meter will not indicate what’s the current setting of the apature, you will have to take your eyes off the viewfinder and look at the apature ring to see what’s the apature setting.


Mine has a battery well not a slide out chamber like the QLIII and I have no idea what battery is supposed to go in there. The Canonet is not supposed to fire when the needle is in the red zone, so that’s normal. You may link to content on this site but you may not reproduce any of it in whole or part without written consent from its owner.

Your name or email address: Guaranteed by Fri, Jan 4. I tried to replace the foam seals and somehow screwed up the film advance mechanism the symptoms: The best site is www.

Canon Canonet QL17

The AE mode is well balanced and very simple to use, this makes the camera is easier to use. Find More Posts by elwrongo.

The mechanical shutter functions perfectly under manual settings with no battery whatsoever. The sensor is located on the forward part of the lens, which allows use of filters without manual compensation of exposure. So from the sound of it, I shouldn’t worry too much if I can’t get a GIII if there are cheap copies of the previous one available?

The viewfinder is clear. Skip to main content. I don’t really care about the battery check light, as you suggest.

Canon et QL17 Manual

The battery test is in fact a ‘hot’ incandescent lamp, so differences in amp power will affect the brightness during use. However, a rotating film rewind lever as you advance the film tells you the same thing PC connection with protective plastic cover. The ASA range of 25 to is shown atop the lens. Widely regarded as a poor man’s Leica.


Do you prefer a longer lens? Once you get used to this it will be an extremely fast focusing action. You will know if things are fine if you see light meter movements, and reaction to variation in light. I think Mnaual refers to it as qo17 “New” model in their Camera Museum.

The main difference is manua, battery check. Shutter and lens are in great shape, works perfectly!

CANON ET QL17 MANUAL Pdf Download.

Find More Posts by wamjam. Sorry about the password. Take the camera out in a known situation, like bright sun at midday with the sun behind you. Custom Bundle see all.

But, gunge is easily cleaned. Appearance of the item. Hopefully I can replace this and get the meter to appear. As an added caanon, I will include a free roll of film with this order.

Canonet QL17 GIII Battery Check Light | Photography Forums

Center shows the lens. As stated, the light seal will need replaced as the old foam is tacky. A half-roll or film wasted, but that’s a minor inconvenience to having a good-as-new mxnual year old camera functional again! What Canon do is make very capable cameras that everyone can use. The shutter is in perfect order in all speeds. The QL G-III canln a stronger rewind lever, a battery test light beside the battery test button, and according to Canon “improved quality,” but they are almost identical in appearance http: But, I fudged my way through it.