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For specific hardware-related issues, please use the Windows Vista Hardware forum 8 6.

16. Catalogo Serie g Iec Septiembre 2005

Create a new GPO, then under: I’m surprised Microsoft didn’t develop a way to disable this feature for administrators of the local workstation. Configure the properties to “Replace existing permissions on all subkeys with inheritable permissions”.

So how can you do this so it applies to all computers on a domain? Remove From My Forums.

I found out that restricting cataloho to the Network and Sharing Center did not prevent the ability to view and see the properties including the wireless keys for local administrators. Marcado como respuesta Nicholas Li Moderator lunes, 20 de julio de 3: I can’t imagine how frustrating this would be for bigger businesses! TechCenter del cliente Windows.


Yesterday, i found a lot laptop connect internet via wireless. With this in place, you are free to connect to wireless networks and you can edit IP and DNS info on your connection. Generally, the marked password is by default as a security network. Step 6 is not completely necessary if you have your GPO set-up to handle user configurations and is actually a pain because it affects every user that logs into the computer.

Gastronomic Society

Ok, here is what we have found so far. I implemented this to prevent those with loose lips from accessing our PSK. TechDoctor’s solution is great! I have clients that have laptop users and the laptop users need local administrator rights on their computers. By this issue our WPA key is visible and there is no meaning of security if its visible on visiter laptop basically this WPA key is require to keep secure from the visitors.

Catalogo Serie g Iec Septiembre

In Security Tab i saw a check box ” Show characters “. Suppose users are moving around with their laptops and need access to that?

At our company, we have a few apple computers too. Just wanted to mention another loophole. Here are the steps: To revert to the original, inherited permissions, configure another registry GPO for the same key, but with jafrra properties “Propagate inheritable permissions to all subkeys”.


Hi Friends, We have issue that so many outside visiter visit at our office and bring their laptops, we provide access on our wireless. The limitations aren’t dealbreakers for my users, so thanks again!

In our situation, only our company owned office computers connects to a certain network for which only I should know the password. Windows Vista IT Pro. Exactly what I was looking for. This is the best solution I have found, thank you very much for sharing.

I’m sorry for bringing you this concern, however, I recommend that you reset your network settings and don’t check “Show characters” box.

No “new design” needed. Basically only way to prevent users is to make them a standard user on the local machine, which is by nafra to protect machine. My question is there a way to disable that through GPO setting even though they are local admin. Servicio de soporte al cliente de Microsoft Foros de la comunidad de Microsoft.