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Hornby HPR2009 – Catalogue Rivarossi 2009

Per i lettori italiani: Immagini selezionate dai cataloghi: Come sono fatte le carrozze in lamierino: Uno sguardo sotto il mantello: Un cablaggio inedito permette di trasformare una locomotiva a corrente continua in una locomotiva rivarosi per funzionamento a 2 e 3 rotaie semplicemente girando il deviatore che in origine serviva per l’alimentazione dal pantografo in italiano.

An interesting list can be found at www.

But datalogo firm which has been producing models for more than a century is also worth to be investigated from the point of view of the historian. In these pages I would like to follow a topic that seems to be relatively neglected: It will include catalogue covers and illustrations, instructions and packages of the models and so on.


I think all this can lead to a style – more precisely: At present, these pages mainly deal with H0 scale. A Z Style will follow in the next update.

It is therefore natural that catalogue covers represent the first way to investigate how the firm presents itself to its customers. From the soft watercolours of the Fifties up to super-realistic models and dioramas of the last years, the perception of railway modelling through decades is written in the colours of more than 60 catalogue covers.

They are available here: And in most cases they can also be seen as beautiful picturestruly conveying the fascination of this rivarossii. The xatalogo blue box appeared aroundbecame dark blue in and remained such up towhen it was gradually replaced by the present white boxes.

More detailed information on box styles are hereincluding many photos. Some examples are shown here. Many models have been produced for decades.

Carelli collection on eBay!

How is their representation on catalogue changing through years? Let’s select a well-known model: The photos can be found here.


Up to middle Eighties, the catalogues contained also pictures of real trains, in some cases with very beautiful photos. I’ve selected pictures rivaeossi to each catalogue: An inside view of Tin-Plate coaches with exploded-view photos and the list of components.

Lima (models) – Wikipedia

In our modern world it seems almost incredible that a single article remained in stock for more than 50 years. Let us discover how long each model has been produced in a detailed and surprising article.

An unusual electric scheme can be used to create a universal loco suitable rivxrossi running on both 2 and 3 rail layouts by simply turning the switch that was originally used for catenary operation. And when you do not have a professional train to run The Toy Museum in Ormea Italy with railway models from ‘s.