Ever since Harper Connelly survived a zap from a lightning bolt, she’s been able to find dead people, a skill that makes the protagonist in the. Grave Sight is the first of four novels in The Harper Connelly Mysteries by American mystery author Charlaine Harris. Harper Connelly, the central character of. Title: Grave Sight: A Harper Connelly Graphic Novel Author(s): Charlaine Harris ISBN: / (USA edition) Publisher: InkLit.

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I did stay up till 1: Dec 31, Pages Buy. The limitations of her ‘gift’ make the story more interesting. Her books are so different and so intriguing.

Dynamite® Charlaine Harris’ Grave Sight Part 1 (Of 3)

Apr 25, Sherwood Ahrris added it Shelves: I found Harper to be a intriguing character her talents is still nothing I have read in any other book, that I can remember, but I think I found Tolliver even more interesting. Honestly, I didn’t find myself really caring what happened to either one of them.

Harper finds the body and when she “reads” the boyfriend’s grave, she discovers that he was also murdered. Charlaine lives in Texas now, and all of her children and grandchildren are within easy driving distance.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This does not bother me in the slightest. She really is a talented writer.


I guess I could just write a list, like our heroine, who Charlaine describes as a list-maker with little opportunity, first does 26 pages from the Ugh.

As a result she has various physical ailments but the big one is that she can find dead bodies and see their last moments of their life.

Grave Sight (Harper Connelly, book 1) by Charlaine Harris

Glimpses of the numinous, though those were rare and wispy, more rare than the humor, which was also sparse. Harper and her stepbrother Tolliver are experts at getting in, getting paid, and sibht getting out of town fast—because the people who hire Harper have a funny habit of not really wanting to know what she has to tell them.

The Widows of Malabar Hill. I have a thing for relationships like that, where two people rely on each other deeply. We have either a way, way too close brother and sister relationship or a way dysfunctional couple-night stand relationship with extremely-recently-widowed young cop.

I co At first, I thought that this books was hzrris. As much as I love Harper and Tolliver In a small town in Arkansas, Harper is asked to find the body of a teen girl suspected to have been abducted or killed after her boyfriend supposedly committed suicide.

The local authorities become suspicious and ask them not to leave town. Mass Market Paperbackchatlaine. The majority of people treated her horribly, and always tried to belittle her and her gift. Grave Sight Cover of Grave Sight. But to me, she felt too distant to care about. Dell’s mother hires Harper to locate Teenie’s body and determine how sighr died, with the hopes of proving that Dell didn’t kill her. The Harper Connelly books were written concurrently with the Sookie novels.


Grave Sight

Of course, most of the families aren’t as grateful as you would think. I’m assuming Harris did her homework. It’s one of my favorites!

At first, the little Ozarks town of Sarne seems like no exception. Even though they both have solid alibis, they decide to stay because they are afraid their business will suffer from bad word of mouth.

I love the unusual things Harper slght blessed with. And the ideas of the last few days, the idea that Sally was murdered, that the son of a bitch who did it has been walking around this town, talking to me, free, has been curdling my gut.