Asking great coaching questions: resource books on asking skills for powerful questions: a Tony Stoltzfus – Coaching Foundations Bundle $ On Sale!. As a coach, one of the most impactful things you do is to ask questions that empower personal exploration, focus, clarity, and decision-making. Coaching Questions To Uncover Limiting Beliefs. Whether you are willing to admit it or not, each one of us has limiting beliefs. It’s true. Since we can’t see our .

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He taught the crowds of pre-believers as with the famous Sermon on the Mount, but with his inner circle learning most often happened with a question-and-answer dialog. This book gives tools how to approach the different situations as well as practical exercises. Who will benefit, who will be hurt? Why questions, are powerful questions when coach helps client to doaching her inner values and beliefs. What has my whole life prepared me for?

When coach sees that client understand how she does the decision, coach can take the discussion forward by introducing different perspectives. It is also intended to be used as a practice guide. This part of the decision making was interesting. While this cannot substitute for a coaching training program, this supplemental material is extremely useful as a reference and starting point.

The book introduces ten most questlons asking mistakes, a huge pile of different tools for versatile situations and enormous amount of excellent coaching questions.

Book Review from Coaching Questions by Tony Stoltzfus

What things must be decided now, that you cannot put off for later? What is God saying to you on this?

Oct coachign, Alexander Lesnevsky rated it it was amazing. Covering the gamut from basic techniques like options and actions to advanced concepts such as challenge and reframing, Coaching Questions is a book that will find a home on any coach’s short list of handy references. Are you looking to hone your asking skills with the help of a master coach?


The focus on tools plus examples makes it a reference guide you’ll return to again and again. I’m sure I’ll be turning to this for a long time to come as I develop my coaching business and ministries. View all 3 cocahing. Sep 22, Sue Pearson rated it it was ok.

Coaching Questions: A Coach’s Guide to Powerful Asking Skills

Definitely worth the cost for anyone who talks and listens for a living. The seven questions are: A great start for coaching beginners, but also a very helpful reference of tools for experienced practitioners. The reason for this is that they sap confidence and energy and make it less likely that the future steps will succeed.

While not a coaching book per se it is targeted at small group coaches or leadersHow to Ask Great Questions offers an in-depth look at many of the bread and butter asking techniques coaches use: About the Author Tony Stoltzfus is a long-time coach, author of 11 coaching booksincluding the best-selling Coaching Questions.

Tony’s book, Coaching Questions, would have been a valuable resource to have had in my library back then, and is one that I am glad to have the opportunity to add to it now. Simply take a minute or two to review the technique or conversational model you will be using, close the book and start coaching.

The basic coaching tools for this Implementation process like conversational models are laid out in my books, Leadership Coaching and Coaching Questions. His background is in Christian coaching and he has done his career doing ministry coaching.

Content of the book In nut coafhing, the book is about to teach reader how to ask questions, what kind of questions to ask and how to avoid typical questions asking mistakes. But if you want lists of questions as prompts for approaches, it serves the purpose.

He has co-founded two coaching schools and trained over a thousand coaches. Going through a couple of strategies in a session can bring a lot of value when actually making the decision.

At this level, people change slowly over time if at all, so understanding who you are stoltzfuss extremely valuable in relationships, career, decision-making and other areas. My favorite bit is that there is no “one true question” that will unlock the secrets of the universe for our client and that, as coaches, we should trust the process.


Good introduction to coaching and good lists of coaching questions. Coachijg know I will do this Deadline: Why is this important enough to give my life to? Stoltzfus advices to have a written or verbal progress report from coachee.

Click here for more resources from Tony Stoltzfus.

Toony example, using why questions to make coachee understand her goals, beliefs and values could be a good thing, because why has the power. In this volume, syoltzfus coach trainer Tony Stoltzfus joins with 12 other professional coaches to present dozens of valuable asking tools, models and exercises, then illustrates these coaching strategies with over 1, examples of penetrating questions.

In section two the coaching process is covered and expounded upon with many practical tips and exercises. I love its simplicity. I found this technique helpful when coaching. So to sum up, we have seven potential areas to explore with our clients to help them discover and pursue their life purpose, each category with a fundamental question: The best feature of the book is that it includes example after example of great questions created for specific scenarios or situations.

I also buy this idea that there need to be actions after coaching session. I am recommending it to others. Great book for anyone who wants to improve asking skills.

Asking Great Coaching Questions | Powerful Question Skills

These questions help prompt additional questions. It’s a great pocket resource for Christian coaches seeking to improve their asking skills or find examples of life-changing questions. Aug 19, Fiorella Velarde rated it really liked it.