Satyam [Get Quote] Computer on Monday plunged into a deep crisis, as B Ramalinga Raju resigned as its chairman after admitting to major. Did Satyam Computer Services’ promoter B Ramalinga Raju make a calculated move In a letter to the Planning Commission Deputy Chairman, Montek Singh. Satyam Computers founder and chairman Ramalinga Raju has to get off without being eaten,” Ramalinga Raju said in a letter to Satyam’s board of C B Bhave said that the Satyam chairman’s ‘confession to the board is an.

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Business RBI to release new Rs. I suggest that Ram Mynampati be made the Chairman of this task force to immediately address some of the operational matters on hand.

The beleaguered IT giant, already under scanner over the aborted acquisition of firms promoted by the chairman’s family, received a rude shock days ahead of its January 10 board meeting, with Raju stepping down along with his brother and Managing Director B Rama Raju.

Two days later on December 25 Satyam’s oldest-serving independent director resigned from the board. So, it is extremely important that authorities investigate and take appropriate action before the US SEC.

None of my or managing directors immediate or extended family members has any ideas about these issues. The deal was announced after Indian ramakinga markets had closed, but foreign investors were quick to punish Satyam. While Raju recommended DSP Merrill Lynch be entrusted the task of “quickly exploring some merger opportunities,” the company informed the stock exchanges that the investment banker has terminated its engagement with Satyam.

We have sent you a verification email. For the September quarter alone, Satyam reported an inflated operating profit of Rs crore against an actual operating profit of only Rs61 crore. Raju, however, claimed that neither he, nor the Managing Director connfession our spouses sold any shares in the last eight years-excepting for a small proportion declared and sold for philanthropic purposes.

Full text: This letter Ramalinga Raju wrote uncovered the Rs 4,676 cr Satyam scam

Once Satyam’s problem was solved, it was hoped that Maytas’ payments can be delayed. Ramalinga Raju, Chairman, Satyam Computer Services Ltd Dear Board Members, It is with deep regret, and tremendous burden that I am carrying on my conscience, that I would like to bring the following facts to your notice: Maytas’ investors were convinced that this is a good divestment opportunity and a strategic fit.


Low percentage of promoter equity in the company, where four independent directors resigned in the last two weeks over the acquisition fiasco, could lead to a takeover and expose the gap, he said in the letter, also sent to regulator SEBI.

Read Satyam shares crashed nearly 78 per cent on January 7, – from Rs to end around Rs Analysts were unclear on the future of the company, although some said it could be taken over by a rival or a private equity firm—either as a whole or in parts.

Satyam is the country’s fourth largest IT firm and has has over 51, employees. The development left Mr Raju with no option, but to confess, which he did through a five-page letter on January 7. We think a detailed investigation of this incident is urgently called for and needs to be undertaken by the authorities without delay.

Mr Raju was arrested and tried; on Thursday, nearly six years after the fraud came to light, year-old Mr Raju was sentenced to seven years in jail for criminal cheating and conspiracy in what is now described as India’s largest-ever corporate scandal. It was like riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten.

Three more followed suit later as pressure mounted on directors to disclose what transpired in the board meeting, where the decision to acquire Maytas was taken.

Bandersnatch review — Netflix’s interactive episode will make you question confessionn concept of choice Noticing and note-taking with Shubhangi Singh in the rearview mirror: Court adjourns case proceedings to 11 August.

However, Ved Jain, the president of the statutory body that regulates the profession of chartered accountants in India, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, said the audit firm will be banned from practising in India if it was found to be letteer in this fraud. Ravindra Penu Metsa, Jayaraman and Prabhakar Gupta are unaware of the real situation as against the books of accounts.

April 09, What started as a marginal gap between actual operating profit and the one reflected in the books of accounts continued to grow over the years.


I sincerely apologize to all Satyamites and stakeholders who have made Satyam a special organization, for the current situation. Satyam American Depository Receipts plunged nearly 55 per cent in overnight trading and when Indian markets opened on December 17, shares in the company fell over 30 per cent to their week-lows near Rs I have promoted and have been associated with Satyam for well over twenty years now.

The promoters’ share in Satyam has now dipped to just over 3 per cent that too is pledged with lenders. How can Rs7, crore be hidden in the books without the knowledge of CFO and statutory auditors?

Full text of Raju’s resignation letter to the Board – Times of India

On January 6,Satyam’s investment banker DSP Merrill Lynch met market regulator Sebi and said it has found serious flaws while carrying out a due diligence exercise in Satyam. Murthy, Hari T and Murali V representing support functions.

Thu, Jan 08 Ram can also act as an interim CEO reporting to the board. It was this letter written by Ramalinga Raju written to the board of directors of Satyam Computer Services Limited that informed the markets that he had overstated cash and bank balances of Satyam by Rs 5, crore as on 30 September and uncovered what is perhaps India’s biggest corporate fraud till date.

Ramalinga Raju admits to accounting fraud, resigns

Ramalinga Raju requested the Board to “hold together” to take some important steps, while hoping that one of the Board members T R Prasad was “well-placed to mobilise support from the government at this crucial time. No shareholder approval was sought for the acquisition, which would have utilized nearly all of Satyam’s Rs 5, crore cash.

National Association of Software and Services Companies, or Nasscom, the industry grouping of the software sector, expressed raalinga shock at the disclosures made by Raju.