“The second American Revolution is under way and Kalle Lasn is one of its Tom .. Think of Culture Jam: The Uncooling of America™ as a rebranding strategy. Summary. According to Kalle Lasn, publisher of Adbusters magazine, culture jamming will become to our era what civil rights was to the ’60s, what feminism was. America is no longer a country but a multimillion-dollar brand, says Kalle Lasn and his fellow “culture jammers”. The founder of Adbusters magazine, Lasn aims .

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Bus-stop uncooliing went up all over Vancouver, and every night when I switched on my TV there was another smooth pitch explaining the wonderful job the industry was doing managing the forests. There’s really not much for the slackers to do from day to day.

Not just in random bursts of virtuousness should we be moved to replace our divots.

Slogans now come easily to tue lips. But behind that happy mask is a face so ugly it invariably shocks the hell out of my friends from developing countries who come to visit, expecting the giddy Americana depicted on TV and finding instead a horror show of disconnection and anomie.

Now we never want to see another starving child again.

Culture jam : the uncooling of America

Whatever they see or hear or taste, no matter how raw and beautiful, will promptly be pillaged for its usable constituent parts. An Australian radio sta- tion dyes its logo on two million eggs. And this media-fed fantasy changes us. When you cut off arte- rial blood to an organ, the jjam dies.

In your bed, in your little apartment, in the very town you grew up in. Anywhere your eyes can possibly come to rest is now a place that, in corporate America’s view, can and ought to be filled with a logo or product message. These places are as complex and esoteric as the imaginations of the players allow. The answer may depend on how much we’ve ingested of the most powerful and persistent infotoxin of them all: The following items were successfully added. And the reason we don’t is that we no longer have a coherent conception of ourselves, our universe and our relation to one another and our world.


You wait for your bank machine to spit out money and an ad pushing GICs scrolls by in the little win- dow. I was going to lose my connection. The kids’ senses have become so deadened from disuse they can’t touch, taste, smell or see that they are in a marvelous place. The cattle and sheep sickened and died. Channel-surfers, ironically, are both the cause and the effect of jolt hyperinflation. That’s what you’re good at. Now she and her supermodel ilk hardly raise an eyebrow, and real people look downright asexual.

For us feminism had run out of steam, the environmental movement no longer excited, the fire no longer burned in the belly of the Left, and youth rebellion was looking more and more like an empty gesture inspired by Nike.

It’s an innate response, one that the indus- try has been quick to exploit.

Culture jam : the uncooling of America

You’ll come back home in a week. We receive amerjca we do not transmit. You go to college, invest in a Powerbook, ride a Vespa scooter, don Doc Martens. In downtown London, Bangkok, 26 Culture Jam Tokyo or Los Angeles, you will invariably see a McDonald’s restaurant on one corner, amerixa Benetton store on the other and a bunch of transna- tional corporate logos across the street.

Underemployed and often overeducated, they may never get out of the rent-and-loan-repayment cycle.

Culture jam : the uncooling of America (Book, ) []

No one really feels they belong. We don’t really know what psychological or physiolog- ical mechanisms are at work. When we bought Di, we bought the brand, not the product. Young reporters who cut their teeth on small-town newspapers invariably swap stories about how they ran into a wall the moment they tried to do real investigative work. MEDIA VIRUS Twenty-five years ago, when the world had not quite lost all of cultufe inno- clture and idealism, I was living in a film commune, churning out experimental films — short five- to uncooljng cultural commentaries.

Our people range from born-again Lefties to Green entrepreneurs to fundamentalist Christians who don’t like what television is doing to their kids; from punk anarchists to communications professors to advertising executives searching for a new role in life.

America’s salvation lies with culture jammers, “a loose global uncoolong of media activists” whose activist program is to topple the system the book sets forth. MTV delivers sixty events per minute, and some viewers, still insufficiently jolted, seek more action by roaming the channels.

  CSA G164 PDF

HarperCollins books may be purchased for educational, business, or sales promotional use. You’re overleveraged and overworked. His whole existence has become amerrica surfin’ safari. Information Overload There is more information in the Sunday New York Times than the aver- age person living during the Renaissance would have absorbed in a life- 24 Culture Jam time.

This, I think, is the hazardous fallout from an overmediated world, where nothing that happens becomes real until you can make it fit into the spectacle, or make the spectacle fit into it. It occurs to you that you cried less when some real people you knew — friends and even family members — died. Then sit back, watch your infotoxins spread — and get ready to sell big- ger, better cars for years and years to come. It is “anti-language” that, whenever it runs into truth and meaning, annihilates it.

It’s part of the reason we watch too much TV and don’t bother to vote. The school has made the devil’s bargain of accepting free audiovisual equipment in exchange for airing these 20 Culture Jam ads on “Channel One.

It’s no longer easy to manufacture quietude, nor is it always practical to do so. In broadcasting terms, a jolt is any “technical event” that interrupts the flow of sound or thought or imagery — a shift in camera angle, a gunshot, a cut to a com- mercial. I think it distorts our sexuality. Lowary I get a creepy sense of d6ja vu listening to remarks like that. The Uncooling of America. Can we launch another revolution?

Someone smashes the windshield anyway — a political statement, or maybe not. This detachment from nature may not seem like much of a prob- lem, but it is. The response was designed to keep us from being eaten by cave bears.