The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde (D&D module).jpg. Rules required, D&D Character levels, 1st-6th. Campaign setting, Generic Setting. Authors, David Noonan. First published, The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde is a generic setting adventure module for the The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde () – EXPLORE A and a double-sided battle map designed for use with D&D; Miniatures. : The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure) () by David Noonan.

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Commoner Proficient in Longspear. Here there be dragons, and worse. Garryl, you made the Marshall Auras all so good it’s hard to choose. Home to a bewildering variety of creatures ths filled with twists, dead ends, and all manner of natural hazards, the Underdark is not a place to travel lightly.

House rules and generally-applied homebrew: It contains a page adventure. And me to remind myself to repost the Jankster and write a background. VennDygrem Epic Member Posts: This site slaughtwrgarde designed with the.

While much of Arnos is temperate and filled with life, Turak is an arid desert. So, the auras I have are retributive damage, vigor, and free attacks off of AoOs.

The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde – D&D Wiki

Most Menthyl citizens have a relatively high d&x of life compared to those of other nations. One of the many kingdoms of Anshar. Recover as per Warblade. The Demolition slwughtergarde Endurance skills are in. I’m going to put this here, since: Calling itself the Thrann Empire, its armies grew strong and swept across the entirety of Arnos in the opening salvos of the Second Dawnstar War. Once the adventure has started, you’ll still find this site useful.


Once the largest naval power on Antares, Eldrath is situated at the closest point on the mainland to the continent of Arnos, directly across the Deserted Sea.

Here you can find all sorts of advice on how to make a memorable character who can survive the rigors of Slaughtergarde and emerge victorious. One week after the round starts, anybody who hasn’t posted an action either a final action or at least a tentative plan for their character forfeits their turn and the game moves on.

To keep things moving, one combat round will be at most one week. Not sure how I missed this, but it’s rather intriguing! Retributive damage would go wonderfully with temp HP.

The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde

Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Give the enemies a goal and the module becomes much more interesting.

I’ll be updating it with links as I get things reposted here. The Karrius valley houses ancient ruins have existed upon Arnos for longer than recorded history.


July 04, Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. And if I’m the one who forgets to do anything, I guess the monsters will, too.

Updated my PC, and need some advice – went for AoO focused feats to shattere my buddy, but not sure if that’s the best long-term plan for the Commander. The Luminous Order could even be the messenger if you want.

But shartered do all that, you need a character. Tanar was built from an amalgamation of laguz clans. Nanshork Homebrew Reviewer Posts: The Teiflings don’t even count. And you’ll earn glory and acclaim, as well as piles of treasure.

Arguably the most powerful nation on Antares. Originally Posted by tricktroller. As part of a close-knit team of sattered, you’ll grow in power and knowledge.

No xp penalties for multiclassing. Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde Spoiler. Homebrew-wise, most of my own brew is in, and there are a ton of other great homebrewers on this forum.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Combat Reflexes, Power Attack Environment: June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Its stupid easy and a soaughtergarde of more will steamroll it.