I had dreamed of being on Deosai since Eventually got there in the summer of It was every bit like the descriptions I had read in. Deosai: Land of the Giant 25 April Bookmark and Share. From DEOSAI: THE LAND OF THE GIANT – available at Sang-e-Meel Publications. For centuries, it is believed that this place is haunted by giants, thus the name ‘ The Land of the Giants’ came into being. The weather in quite.

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The Deosai Plains are also home to the Himalayan ibexred fox lnd, golden marmot locally called Phiagray wolfthe Ladakh urialthe snow leopardand over resident and migratory birds. Sunil USA Apr 27, The punishment for this stubbornness was that the jeep track had completely disappeared due to snow, increasing the risk, and pushing the jeep with snow chains in the tires. Excellent n real top professional job. Awais Ali Apr 27, Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

Reviewed July 22, Ali Zafar dishes on Deosai, his first film production!

Salman Rashid: Deosai: Land of the Giant

Upon hearing the sound of the jeep, the sheep went off the road. I wish the government may develop the infrastructure for safe and efficient travel to these magnificent tiant. Camping, fishing, hiking and climbing are just a few activities that can make one stay here for weeks on end.


Spotted many golden marmots, butt we were unable to spot any brown bear.

I moved forward to greet him and he asked: Beautifully described, but it is much more beautiful than that because it is not possible to describe its beauty in real way I wonder what will it take to visit Skardu and Deosai Plains.

Pakistanis are proud of their land. This all can truly be transformed into a world’s unique area if in Pakistan we somehow be able to depsai matching minds and passion that drive human beings to do wonders. But please Dawn – where is Nadeem Khawar? The soils of this area are severely eroded, of a coarser nature and mixed with gravel and tye of various material and sizes.

Even his wish to visit once could not be fulfilled. Intezar you snatched my words. Thank you Syed Mehdi for refreshing us every once in a while. Deosau from ” https: Syed Khalid Hussain Apr 28, The beautiful Switzerland of Pakistan What a opportunity to make these spots tourist friendly to come and enjoy.

I just want to hhe lost in this beautiful place and never return. Thanks for sharing a beautiful pictures.

The land of Giants, Roof of World – Deosai National Park

Amazing creation of God. Ahsan Apr 27, Rafaqat A Apr 28, Can one camp out at this place for days? A spring flowing through the road has broken it, slowing down the cars, and as soon as a vehicle slows down, local children stop them to sell cherries and other local fruits.


May you continue to write! The writer is a network engineer by profession, and a traveler, poet, photographer and writer by passion. Land with no alternative view at all Only we should improve infrastructure, peace then Pakistan is heaven on earth. We stayed sometime at Sheosar Lake which is a very beautiful lake.

Tne was there last year.

Deosai National Park

Syed Mehdi Bukhari you are great photographer and storry teller. Saving my money from Now to travel to this place!

And a truly touching tale of the old soldier. Finally I have this book,I have not read it yet the pictures have blown me I cant wait to start reading. Awais Ali Apr 28, Wikimedia Commons has media related to Deosai Plains.

Congratulations and thank you for enriching our lives once again. All of the ecstasy of the journey had collapsed on hearing the tragic story from the old man. This is soooooooooo beautiful Dawn administration shall contact other countries media to promote these pictures Ozz Apr 28, A beautiful land, being ruled by dishonest and selfish people and being destroyed by inhuman people in the name of religion: Documentary movie “Deosai the last sanctuary”.