Distilled Water Cure is one of these little pamphlets. Only through one of our wonderful Written by Otoman Zar-Adusht Hanish in He claims there is only. “The Distilled Water Cure. ” by Otoman Hanish, M.D., d by. The British Mazdaznan Association “Often times the blood becomes tainted. Distilled Water Cure (Mazdaznan) by Otoman Zar-Adusht- Hanish in Books with free delivery over $60 at Australia’s biggest online bookstore Angus.

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There is only one way of washing the blood and that is by means of dead waterundiluted water, distilled water waher contains no life organism, chemicals or similar substances. It has to be dead water, i. Distilled water, by virtue of its weight: Even in a short time it eliminates appreciable quantities of impurities from the blood.

There is no hard and fast rule as to how to take The Cure; it may be taken quickly or slowly, hot or cold. It is left entirely to the individual to decide according to temperament and physical condition. The main thing is to obtain the necessary pressure and to ensure that two cups are always taken at one time – a total of seven pints per day.

This is quite easy of accomplishment if the quantity is systematically regulated as follows:. If desired, two more portions may be taken one, two hours after lunch, and watter other two hours after dinner. As regards to eating and drinking, it is a matter of individual choice. Nothing is forbidden qater there is no need for fasting nor privation. One may eat and drink according to individual needs. One eats only moderately cjre having taken two cups of distilled water.

The principle of The Cure must be maintained, i. It will soon cute discovered that even at breakfast time one eats very moderately after having taken two cups of distilled water. After three days one observes a loss of taste for this and that and quite different desires assert themselves for dishes which one may have previously disliked. Day by day one eats less: After three distikled the complexion becomes clearer and more rosy and a feeling of lightness is experienced. After two to three weeks, the eyes become clearer and more penetrating; one is able to waer more clearly and one becomes less easily irritated.

After three weeks, the thinner ones become a little stouter and the stouter ones become a little thinner. In case of sufferings of an acute nature, The Cure need last but three weeks; in other cases five weeks. If The Cure be resorted to for from 5 to 12 weeks in succession, 65 percent of all ailments become eliminated, and the other 35 percent will be eliminated if one continues after ward with a correct diet.

By the time one has almost completed The Cure, one has become so accustomed to the drinking of distilled water that one likes and takes regularly a couple of cups before each evening meal. The adoption of this habit wards off all disease. The body is already composed of 85 percent water, and by adding thereto two cups of water regularly each evening, all acids and hsnish are eliminated there from in a natural way and the bloodstream is not burdened thereby.

It provides a youthful freshness in a measure that often youth does not possess as the whole glandular system becomes normalised, thereby increasing the brain powerand life becomes more joyous.


Always remember, therefore, to resort at interval to The Water Cure. If feeling unwell, start again for a few days or even weeks. Take The Water Cure as a serious treatment for five to seven weeks every three, five, seven, nine years, as it purifies the whole organism, and, becoming thus renewed, continuous progress is assured. Distilled water is therefore of the greatest value for the individual as well as humanity at large.

After a few weeks on The Cure, one learns to choose the food that nature requires to build up the system; one begins to live anew. Even after three days the purification and renovation of the bloodstream is noticeable.

One does not necessarily gain or lose weight by taking The Cure. The purer the blood, the more normal the cells of the body become. If one gains too much weight one simplifies the diet by discarding butter uanish oils.

The great advantage of The Water Cure is that one need ask no questions; one just takes iteverything comes lay itself so long as one resorts thereto. As a result of The Water Cure, one begins to think for oneself instead of asking questions, one becomes a thinking human being. The Cure is so simple one cannot make a mistake, not even a mistake in diet.

The wonderful feature of it curre that no efforts are required and yet the maximum of benefit is obtained. Moreover, one is sure of the expected result, whether one resorts to it for a weak stomach, indigestion, dyspepsia, constipation or a liver which does not function normally, or because the kidneys are affected; for the lungs, nerves, heart troublechange of life or for growths.

Distilled water helps to excrete excessive heavy metals from the body. Filters and reverse osmosis units, on the other hand, are at their best when first installed, and efficiency in veritably declines with use. It’s important that you do not confuse these with the idea that the distilled water is making you ill. When you read the different doctors describe how distilled water melts garbage inside of you, make sure you understand that this translates into real world events.

As in, garbage will start to pour out hanisb you! It has to come out!


But better out than in, so this meansyou will have detox symptoms. Everybody is different as to how they detox, where they detox, and what they detox. It all depends on what you have ingested and inhaled your whole life and what routes your body chooses to eject the garbage. These are all Disttilled things, the garbage is leaving. Know that is only temporary. You can dial hnish the speed too. If it’s too much detox for you, back off on the solvent.

Then come back to it again when you feel stronger.

Distilled Water Cure (Mazdaznan) – Otoman Zar-Adusht- Hanish – Google Books

Distilled hansih is the only water which runs through all water-based life forms. Here are the writings of doctors and experts who all support the benefits of Distilled Water. Instruct the public how distillation can readily and cheaply be done. It furnishes a fruitful yield for the genius that will devise a small distilling apparatus for the use of every curw. The diseases caused by impure water are numerous and fatal. You can develop a habit of NOT drinking water and walk around being 66 or 67 percent water, instead of 74 percent, which is what your body needs.


Immediately, their energy goes up. When someone has dementia, the first thing I do is give them lots of cold water all day, every day. About three weeks later, I start to see their dementia dissipate because they have rehydrated their brains. Unfortunately, your brain actually shrinks as you dehydrate.

Water has to be pure, free from fluoride, chlorineand chemicals, which is why I recommend distilled water. Gary NullPh.

It is a simple matter to drink a glass of water, yet the results of the act are marvelous. A very small portion of it enters the intestines, but by far the larger quantity is absorbed into the blood and enters immediately into the circulation of this life-giving fluid.

Have ready also a glass of distilled water, a few spoonfuls of which will prove a refreshing drink to baby after his bath. The secretion of the breastproves all that baby requires, unless it be an occasional spoonful of distilled water.

I tried drinking it, and it worked like a charm. Within a short time my sciatica left me and I have been free of rheumatism from that day to this. A lot of people have been mislead into believing that it robs minerals out of the body. University of California Los Angelesseveral years ago, told me I had the bone density of a 22 year old athlete.

The only minerals that the body can utilize are the organic minerals from fruits and vegetables. All other types of minerals are foreign substances to the body and must be disposed of or eliminated. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless. The divine purpose of water is to act as a solvent. In nature, water in evaporation is so fine that your eye cannot perceive it as it is drawn up into the clouds. Then it falls as rain, keeping the earth from being parched and burned.

As a solvent, it dissolves rocks and soil. It figures in the transport of nutrients into plant life.

In the human body, water fills similar functions. It dissolves food substances so they can be assimilated and taken into every cell. It dissolves inorganic mineral substances lodged in tissues of the body so that such substances can be eliminated in the process of purifying the body. Distilled water is the greatest solvent disrilled earth —the only one that can be taken into the body without damage to the tissues.

I fast all food for a minimum of 21 days annually. Over the years I have done three day fasts on just distilled water. I fasted a year ago for 60 days: I guess a man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with an argument.

Change your water and change your health. Send your published research paper and blind studies to: Aquamedia Research Group, P.

BoxSan Diego, CA Distilled water is so empty, it is like a vacuum, it is the universal solvent especially for unwanted mineral deposits. Richard ShulzeN. This mineral coating, he believesinterrupts the proper circulation of the blood, prevents the necessary irrigation of the skin, produces stiffness of the joints and dulls the action of the brain. That is the secret which my friends have so long wished to learn.

Today, I can read the smallest print without artificial aid of any kind.