Review of the DY Digital Transistor Tester – Download as Word Doc .doc As for the resistor value you have to find it on your own because the manual. Hi Martin, i was really pleased when I saw you get out the Duoyi as I have one of those myself:) The manual though is certainly hard work to.

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Hi Jestine When testing V cap with this tester can i put it on V cause i saw your tester were on V just want to make sure and i have a 6V mA external power supply measuring over 7V with digital tester will this power supply be ok?

This test have similar function like an insulation tester. Home Help Search Login Register. If you use a lower ohm value the non polar cap insulation may breakdown. March 20, HI Siva, How this equipment can used already mentioned in this blog.

DY294 Digital Transistor Tester / Semiconductor Tester

As a bonus you can also test MOV’s with it, so you can now check your surge suppressors that they still work. I found that this tester consume lots of current especially testing on the capacitor. December 18, Here is the new eBay listing. Samsung Phone Charger Repair August 19, Jestine Yong September 24, at 9: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If you need to test on non polar cap that have working voltages that is less than v then you may need to add a resistor in parallel so that the insulation of the non polar would not fail when you pump in the volt to the cap.


June 23, I think I’ll probably not watch the tear-down in case mannual puts me off using mine again.

DY Digital Transistor Tester / Semiconductor Tester | DUOYI Electronics Co., Ltd.

Must get a scrap board with a molex plug on it and cut it out and remove unneeded pins to make the plug in portion, then 3 leads with croc clips I have some here from Frankie as well to use on short leads. HI Charles, Thanks for the comment.

If there is a problem with the cap, there would be no charging or the charging would just stay at one value for example it stays at 8 volt and stop. April 17, Hi Mircia, Good to hear about the tester.

AK Database PDF Gallery

Thanks for the comment. That means if you want to test a 16 volt cap, make sure the charging voltage would not exceed 16 volt.

December 14, If selling in us should include English manual. Please where can one get this to buy and how much is it?


Duoyi Dy Digital Transistor Tester Semi Leiter Tester Multimeter Tester – video dailymotion

HI Steven, Good question. Testing on Electrolytic Capacitor: Learn how your comment data is processed. If I have the time I will test manuak out. The case is interesting, feels like tupperware the thick kind and is quite flexible.

Looking really useful, I think I will definately order one of these. Another thing is that if the batteries voltage is lower than 5. The disadvantage of this test is you have to wait for the cap to charge up.

Below are the result of certain components that i have tested and i will proceed to provide more information on other components in part 2.

December 29, 4. Willie June 11, at 4: Jestine Yong November 7, at 9: