The Epi-Paleo Rx controls inflammation at a hormonal level in the brain ( mitochondrial matrix) better than the more famous paleo diet. Non Geeks: What we eat. Epi Paleo. Sign Up Today The Leaky Gut Prescription. Post Image View Post Rewiring The Leptin Rx Reset. Post Image View Post. I just finished the book, Epi-paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health, ebook edition, by Dr. Jack Kruse.

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Yes, I’m going to take his advice seriously and not half-ass it. Now, he has either become less radical and rxx, or I have become more so.

For that reason only, I deducted a star from my rating, but I do believe his theory that our society is being soldout for profit margins over our healthcare, and that we must seriously question much of what the medical field has told us about diet and medications. I’m ages away from laying underneath 20 bags of ice for an epi-pzleo, though.

Dr Jack Kruse’s Epi-Paleo Protocol Explained

Trivia About Epi-paleo Rx: Simin rated it liked it May 27, It should be compulsory reading for all doctors and health professionals.

Cold Thermogenesis CT allows you to reduce inflammation and heal bone and muscle problems — among other things.

I rpi-paleo told to watch my cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as eat a “healthier diet” consisting of low fat foods, whole grains, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables. The fact that I actually spent the 10 bucks from my super-precious Amazon gift card, speaks volumes about how my way of thinking with respect to Dr.


TPS 75: Dr. Jack Kruse Talks Leptin Reset, Epi-Paleo Rx And Some Serious Bio Hacking

I wasn’t really mentally prepared nor did I have my kitchen properly stocked. Unfortunately fish oil in capsules and some very little amount of seaweed and maaaybe caviar are my only options. Opening the iTunes Store. I only wish I had discovered it sooner. What really freaked me out was that while I was choking down all those eggs that were cooked in butter and drowning in cheese was that I was getting really hungry.

Thanks for sharing this, is really valuable for a variety of modern living related illnesses. Apr 11, Liam rated it it was amazing. It is better to eat what you can stick with. Kruse for sharing his gift.

Also, I took a stool test from Genova Labs and I almost had no eli-paleo in my gut. Overview Music Video Charts. I still stand by my beliefs in that we are all different, biochemically and genetically, and that what works for one may not work for another, but I am now thoroughly convinced that grains are just not something I need.

Epi-paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health

I was a little disappointed that there was not an appendix or chapter dedicated solely to listing a broader range of good foods vs. Additionally, if epi-palso can afford it, you should consider a magnetic bed sheet. Jack Kruse gives us his first book, The Epi-paleo Rx: He explains his opinions in terms of not only biology, but also quantum physics: The best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.


Jack KruseEpi-paleo Rxpaleo. Open Preview See a Problem? Conventional medicine got me a few prescriptions and my gall bladder removed at age 29 and strict instructions to eat “lots and lots of whole grains”. Non-native Epi-pxleo means that you minimize to absolute minimum usage of cellphones, no wifi, computers, tablets, microwaves etc. If you are told every last detail your learning would be suboptimal.

Excellent recommendations for ketosis and leptin insensitivity. Audrey Dockins rated it really liked it Jun 21, Tze Ru rated it liked it Jan 13, I just got back from the butcher so I’m armed and ready with my sausages, chicken, and pork chops.