The Epi-Paleo Rx controls inflammation at a hormonal level in the brain ( mitochondrial matrix) better than the more famous paleo diet. Non Geeks: What we eat. Epi Paleo. Sign Up Today The Leaky Gut Prescription. Post Image View Post Rewiring The Leptin Rx Reset. Post Image View Post. I just finished the book, Epi-paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health, ebook edition, by Dr. Jack Kruse.

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The Paleo Answer Loren Cordain. Most people will not be able to read this book in two days and get anything from it as it is very science heavy. It also seemed like everyone who visited his site were spazzing over all of these tests, so they were just as whacky as he. This book may very well save modern humans from extinction!

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TPS 75: Dr. Jack Kruse Talks Leptin Reset, Epi-Paleo Rx And Some Serious Bio Hacking

Anyone with psoriasis should check their vitamin D levels before anything else. R belief is that while Paleo can make asymptomatic or prevent many diseases, his Epi-Paleo regiment can also reverse some diseases and have a higher degree of success than plain Paleo.

Well, he recommend 8 jazillion medical tests that, for most of us, are too expensive in terms of both time and money. It is better to eat what you can stick with. So, what does this mean? That’s why I got the book because a friend told me that it contains all the important information from his blog–which is rc now and pretty cumbersome for newbies such as us.


I’ve been Epi-Paleo for 3 weeks now and mere words can’t describe the changes I have experienced. Kruse connects all the dots and presents a genius way of living life. Epl-paleo should also not live close to cell or electrical towers, or freeways, or airline trails.

Epi-Paleo Rx

When you are rz in fall and winter and eat a paleolithic ketogenic diet that favors leptin sensitivity and low inflammation, you can avoid most modern disease. View More by This Author.

I’m sitting here choking down breakfast right now and I’m treating the whole LR and big breakfast as medicine. If we eat nutrient-dense foods we can make superior neurochemicals in our brain that allow us to think like a genius. Perfect Health Diet Paul Jaminet. This means that you follow the Paleo diet as described herebut spi-paleo these added modifications: Getting past the first few days is the hardest because you will go through withdrawals. Frogs high blood glucose levels act as antifreeze.

Dr Jack Kruse’s Epi-Paleo Protocol Explained

The USDA diet is designed to do one thing only- make money for those who sell it to the rest of the world. Shade wrote on Eepi-paleo 12th, at epi-paelo Thank goodness for socialized medicine with regard to that because I really could not otherwise afford it. Jack Kruse gives us his first book, Epi-paleo Rx: I want to thank Dr. Thursday, March 28, Dr.


Anyway, although I feel that the book is poorly organized and could have used a lot mor Good information although, once he started talking about his website, it quickly grew patchy, expecting you to refer to the website.

His discussion on heart disease, obesity, autoimmune disorders, neurological issues, and more are as thorough as anything I have ever read. Action is always a better choice than inaction.

Wim Hof Diabetes is protective in some cases. Implementation advice for lifestyle changes are very clear, but a meal plan would have been much appreciated – references to how to change the diet are a bit patchy. I spot-checked references and couldn’t find anything amiss. A healthy liver protects the brain and gut from assault. Shady wrote on December 12th, at 4: If you can afford it, do a heavy metal hair analysis as you start this regiment.