Get this from a library! Starac i more. [Ernest Hemingway]. Title, Starac i more. Biblioteka izabranih djela. Author, Ernest Hemingway. Publisher, Svjetlost, ISBN, X, Length, 92 pages. Ernest Hemingway. Svjetlost, – Starac i more ยท Ernest Hemingvej No preview available – Bibliographic information. QR code for Starac i more.

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He published seven novels, six short story collec Ernest Miller Hemingway was an American author and journalist. I read A LOT. He “He was full of resolution but he had little hope. That’s a wonderful story of the Cuban coast. Instead, Santiago is, for me, the essence of hubris.

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This book is just about an old man, using all his skill, strength, determination, and some luck to fight for the biggest hull of his life. View all 9 comments.

If anything we should see him as one of us like Conrad’s Lord Jim. But there was no final book. Now take a deep breath and smile.

View all 17 comments. There was an altar where they could pray to God to help him while he is in the arena. Which is only something a man deeply discontent and frustrated with life would do. The language is not very demanding – sometimes even poor, if you look at the way he repeats himself unnecessarily at passages every writing adviser would cringe at.

I guess wisdom doesn’t come with age after all, at least not when an old man is determined to catch a big fish I observe him as he spends time on the boat, thinking about his past life’s moments of glory and witnessing the natural beauty moments while working especially the lions. My family nicknamed him Superman. And in the end, my right hand thought the allegories this short book contains is deeper than Mariana Trench, and my left hand, because he is a bastard thought this is a jackass story with jackass sentences that sounds like that one line from Avengers Infinity War.


I witnessed the toughness of the chase: Why did I think that I should read this? He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the Gulf Stream and he had gone eighty-four days now without taking a fish.

Shortly after the publication of The Old Man and the Sea inHemingway went on safari to Africa, where he was almost killed in two plane crashes that left him in pain or ill-health for much of the rest of his life. And as you grow wrinkles on your forehead, so as the finding of solitude with your mind, everything slows down, gets more settled. It was probably his unwillingness to admit how bad things were – and that isn’t a thing to pity, is it?

Starac i more

From this page novella, one can see glimpses of Hemingway’s greatness. If I read something particularly shallow and brainless, I try to balance it out with a classic or something that makes me actually use my brain cells. The sea is the sea. Imagine, Cain and Abelwithout the brotherly love You start with a pin prick of a view that widens and opens out into a wide vista giving you a clear view of the clutter of human ethos.

But I would rather be exact. On the second glance I have a brand new book blog starad just to reading and reviewing classic books, if this is something that you are interested in following, here is the link: He stood on the tarmac and watched as the plane came in for its landing. Finally, My first Hemingway, that I had looked forward to seeing!


Of course, I only say that because I Hhemingway The ambivalence in the treatment of pride is very much vivid in throughout the novella.

Because of lack of successes, his boy has turned to another, lucky fishing boat. At the end of the story, you’re either able to understand the old man or you are not.

Starac i more by Ernest Hemingway (4 star ratings)

View all 57 comments. I was talking to a school teacher friend of mine and told her that I’d also recently read To Kill kore Mockingbird and she commented that schools are hemimgway having kids read the same books she was forced to read 30 years ago. Lists with This Book. He is wondering what he might teach him? For those who want it, there’s a simple story here of a down on his luck fisherman, Santiago.

I noticed when reading classics, I end up posing more questions than answers. Maybe, that is what why I liked this book. Terjemahan versi Serambi di hlm And how many Barracudas were needed to lambast this man out of his wits?