Las pruebas encontradas indican que algunos fármacos antivirales (ganciclovir, valaciclovir y aciclovir) redujeron el riesgo de enfermedad por. Actualmente se dispone de farmacos antivirales de probada eficacia terapeutica y profilactica para varias infecciones virales comunes y algunas. Los fármacos antivirales son costosos, pueden causar efectos secundarios y pueden dar lugar a resistencia a los antivirales. Se necesita buena justificación.

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Efficacy and safety of the neuraminidase inhibitor zanamivir in the treatment of influenza virus infections. Prolonged shedding of multidrug-resistant influenza A virus in an immunocompromised patient.

Emergence of influenza B viruses with reduced sensitivity to neuraminidase inhibitors.

Clasificación de los Antivirales de Importancia en Medicina | Los Microbios en la Red

fwrmacos Citing articles via Google Scholar. Related articles in PubMed A randomised controlled proof-of-concept trial of digoxin and furosemide in adults with cutaneous warts. Factors associated with early farmaacos discharge of adult influenza patients. Severe methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus community-acquired pneumonia associated with influenza—Louisiana and Georgia, December —January Performance of six influenza rapid tests in detecting human influenza in clinical specimens. Antibody response after influenza vaccination in HIV-infected individuals: A comparison of the effectiveness of zanamivir and oseltamivir for the treatment of influenza A and B.

Efficacy of trivalent, cold-adapted, influenza virus vaccine against influenza A Fujiana drift variant, during — El sitio web sobre influenza de los CDC http: Neuraminidase Inhibitor Susceptibility Network.

Influenza-associated pediatric mortality in the United States: Efficacy of zanamivir for chemoprophylaxis of nursing home influenza outbreaks. Efficacy and safety of the neuraminidase inhibitor zanamivir in the treatment of influenza A and B virus infections. Risk of pneumonia and other complications of influenza-like illness in patients treated with oseltamivir.


Clinical management of human infection with avian influenza A H5N1 virus. Oral oseltamivir improves pulmonary function and reduces exacerbation frequency for influenza-infected children with asthma. Las personas en quimioprofilaxis antiviral solo pueden recibir vacuna anti-influenza inactivada, porque los medicamentos antivirales pueden reducir la eficacia de la vacuna de virus vivos atenuados.

Long-term use of oseltamivir for the prophylaxis of influenza in a vaccinated frail older population. Emergence and apparent transmission of rimantadine-resistant influenza A virus in families. Influenza-and respiratory syncytial virus—associated morbidity and mortality in the nursing home population. Hospital-onset neonatal sepsis and mortality in low resource settings — will bundles save the day?

View large Download slide. Add comment Close comment form modal. Diagnostic testing or empirical neuraminidase inhibitor therapy for patients with influenza-like illness: Adamantane resistance among influenza A viruses isolated early during the — influenza season in the United States.

Latest Most Read Most Cited Sequelae of congenital cytomegalovirus cCMV following maternal primary infection are limited to those acquired in the first trimester of pregnancy.

El reciente surgimiento de cepas virulentas circulantes de virus A estacional H1N1 con alto nivel de resistencia al oseltamivir necesita un seguimiento estrecho.

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Inhaled zanamivir for the prevention of influenza in families.

Challenging the Status Quo. Predicting influenza infections during epidemics with use of a clinical case definition. Reply to Wasko et al. Influenza A among hospital antiviralew and patients: Actualmente se dispone de farmacos antivirales de probada eficacia terapeutica y profilactica para varias infecciones virales comunes antivirale algunas potencialmente mortales.


Las personas que deben recibir quimioprofilaxis antiviral para la influenza incluyen los siguientes grupos, si no pueden recibir la vacuna anti-influenza: En la mayoria de las personas, la influenza es una enfermedad autolimitada.

GG Influenza Study Group. Desarrollo del consenso sobre la base de la evidencia cientifica. Prevention and treatment of influenza in high-risk groups: Pacientes ambulatorios inmunocompetentes, de cualquier edad, con alto riesgo de complicaciones de influenza p. Profarmaco del Penciclovir de administracion oral. Disruption of services in an internal medicine unit due to a antivifales influenza outbreak.

Incidence of outpatient visits and hospitalizations related to influenza in infants andyoung children. Inhibe la replicacion del CMV humano.

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The efficacy of influenza xntivirales in elderly persons: Risk factors associated with severe influenza infections in childhood: Inhibe la sintesis de ADN viral. Nasopharyngeal swabs and nasopharyngeal aspirates equally effective for the diagnosis of viral respiratory disease in hospitalized children.

Prevention and control of vaccine-preventable diseases in long-term care facilities. Influenza vaccination as secondary prevention for cardiovascular disease: Las muestras bucofarfngeas p.

Oseltamvir, amantadine review and zanamivir for the prophylaxis of influenza. Nosocomial influenza at a Canadian pediatric hospital from to