Food That Really Schmecks has 86 ratings and 8 reviews. Tracy said: This is the book that started my life long love affair with cookbooks. I read them li. Food That Really Schmecks | Edna Staebler’s Cookbook | Food That Really Schmecks App | cookbook app. An iPad version of Food That Really Schmecks is now available. New material in the app includes photos and videos of Edna Staebler and the Waterloo Region.

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Remove beef from vinegar mixture. When in doubt, just ask Edna. Slice meat thinly against grain.

Many of the recipes have stories about their creators and where they come from. Originally published inEdna Staebler’s Food That Really Schmecks went on to sell tens of thousands of copies and earned its author national acclaim. This book is immensely charming and fun to read. Put the squeezed onion into the dressing and pour the drained beans into the bowl and mix with the dressing till all beans are generously coated; you may need more cream.

Add the vanilla, boiling water and soda.

Food That Really Schmecks by Edna Staebler

I wound up with twice the liquid specified and had to doctor the finished sauce, because it was sour and bland. Jeannette rated it it was schmevks May 03, Sear beef on all sides until browned.

This edition includes a foreword by award-winning author Wayson Choy and a new introduction by the well-known food writer Rose Murray. I love this bread recipe. Staebler writes that Thatt Louis von Battenburg, vice-admiral of the British fleet, particularly enjoyed the Sauerbraten at the Berlin Club in Kitchener during a visit inand it remained a local specialty.


Strain liquid into large bowl about 6 cups. Page – finding a warm place to let bread dough rise – is s favourite!

Food That Really Schmecks

The “origin stories” of the recipes will entertain, while the timelessness of their composition will no doubt satisfy. This most popular Waterloo count Specialty according to Edna is served both as a vegetable and as a salad. Cover large flat plate with flour for dredging.

Another person mentioned that her bean salad far surpassed all others. In the s, Edna Staebler moved in with an Old Order Mennonite family to absorb their oral history and learn about Mennonite culture and cooking.

I tested three dishes.

Schmecking, one last time

Laurie Stradling rated it liked it Jul 14, Woolum rated it it was amazing Jan 19, My German mother-in-law says the Sauerbraten she grew up with had sour cream in the sauce; that would make a nice addition. Only 3 degrees C right now which is 41 degrees F. Community take thay and add photos Experiment with your own ingredients to make each meal geally own, take notes and photos, then share them with the Schmecks community.

Reqlly rated it it was amazing Apr 29, Wipe pan used for beef. I put mine on a sunny window ledge. She also added that it is very much in demand by men. Turn heat to medium-high. When mixture comes to boil, reduce heat to medium-low. You are likely to wind up with double the sauce you need. Janine Werby rated it it was amazing Mar 25, If your man love to cook, her is a great Christmas suggestion! You could use frozen frenched beans. Books by Edna Staebler.


She doesn’t treat food as something to revere or fear–food is to be eaten and enjoyed. Paperback really, pages.

Interspersed with practical and memorable recipes are Stae In the s, Edna Staebler moved in with an Old Order Mennonite family to absorb their oral history and learn about Mennonite culture and cooking. As much a snapshot of a way of life as a book of recipes, Food That Really Schmecks is infused with Staebler’s keen observations, anecdotes and a frank, no-nonsense approach. By modern cookbook standards, she is very cavalier.


Read more about Edna Staebler here. I have a version reallt it on my PC and I have used the recipes for years. Drain and cool them. The sidebars are such an important part! Impress your dinner guests with a side of local lore. Heat oil in large pan on medium-high. From this fieldwork came the cookbook Food That Really Schmecks. Edna Staebler — was an award-winning journalist and prominent Canadian figure.