unit FR-PU02E Part Number: FR-AEK-UL FR-AEK-UL with this equipment such as accessories, manuals, cables, calibration data, software, . FR-AK(P) to K(P). FR-AK(P) to K(P). To remove the front cover, hold both sides of the front cover top and pull the cover toward you. View and Download Emerson E2 installation and operation manual online. /V &. /V 60/50Hz 3-Ph 56T. Mitsubishi FR-AE This is a.

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Running the Motor from the Parameter Unit Changing the Monitor Screen Applying the Help Function Calibrating the Frequency Meter Explanation of the Parameters PU Disconnection Detection Function Magnetic Flux Vector Control Please handle the inverter properly in accordance with the information on each section as well as the precautions and instructionsof this manual.

Power supply specifications Manuxl supply specifications of the inverter. No-fuse breaker or earth leakage circuit breaker The breaker should be selected with care since a large inrush current flows in the inverter at power on. Installing Thereactor option mustbeusedwhenthepower factor is to improved installed inverter the be isnear or a large power supply capacity lOOOKVA or more and wiring distance within 10m. Useeither of thefollowingreactorsaccordingtothe model used: Use the inverter at the ambient temperature as low as possible permissible within the range.

Thismust benotedespeciallywhentheinverteris installed in a panel.


Wrong wiring might lead to inverter damage. The controlsignallinesmustbekeptsufficientlyawayfrom the main circuit to protect them from noise.

Topreventaccidentalelectricshock,themotorand inverter must be grounded. If you have found any discrepancy, damage, etc. Fr-q240e theposition of thechargelamp,seetheterminalblockarrangementdiagramon P. Chassis Rating plate Capacity plate Front cover amnual screws Not equipped with a brake resistor. FR-AK to 55K Accessory cover When using the param remove this accessory cover and install the parameter unlt in thls positlon.

Capacity plate Front cover A0 Rating plate Front cover installation screws The chassis and cover are made of steel plate. This model is not equipped with a brake resistor. To reinstall the front cover, fit the sockets at the cover bottom into the catches of the inverter, and securely press the cover against the inverter using the catches as supports.

To reinstall the front cover, insert the catches inside the cover top into the sockets manuao the inverter, press the cover against the inverter, and fix it with the bottom screws. Before reinstalling the front cover, check the serial number ensure that the cover removed to is installed to the inverter from which it has been removed. To reinstall, fit the fixing hole manuap of the cover, then push it into the inverter using the catch as a support. Do not install the manuql unit when the front cover does When installing the parameter unit, do not apply force Fixing hole not exist on the inverter.

Fr-a240e-15k-tf Mitsubishi FREQROL A200 20-25hp 460v Inverter AC Drive

To reinstall, fit the fixing hole into the 2. Otherwise the parameter unit will not ft-a240e. Read and write of the parameters Pr. Any attempt to set the above parameters results in Err display. In addition, the function a batch of parameters to another inverter cannot be used.


Hold the inverter so as not to apply force only to the front cover of the inverter. Install the inverter in a clean place or inside a to- tally enclosed panel which does not accept any suspended matter.

When the inverter is installed in a panel, determine the cooling method and panel dimensions so that the ambient temperature of the inverter is within the permissible range as specified on page Extreme care must be taken when two or more inverters are installed and a ventilation fan is mounted in the panel.

Like the inverter, protect the parameter unit from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity. To prevent problems, install the inverter on an incom- bustible backplate such as metal. Cooling fan built Fig. Notes on Wiring 1 The power must not be applied to the output terminals U, V, Wotherwise the inverter will be damaged. In 2 Connect only the recommended optional brake resistor ,anual the terminals addition, these terminals must not be shorted.

SE of the control circuit isolated manul each other must 5 Use shielded or twisted cables for connection to the control circuit terminals and run them away from the main and power circuits such as V relay sequence circuit. Run the ca- bles so that they do not occupy much of the control box terminal block space. Design Information to Be Checked 1 Theinverterwillbedamagednotonly by MC1 miswiring but also by a sneak current from the power supply if there is a commercial power supply switch-over circuit shown on supplyPower!

Manula a machine restart is power restoration, provide a magnetic contactor to be prevented at MC in the primary circuit of the inverter and also make up a sequence which will not switch on the start signal.

STF of the control circuit. Apply a voltage 4. Refer to page and for the terminal block arrangement. If they are connected to U, V, W, the inverter will be damaged. Phase sequence need not be matched. In the rf-a240e connection, turning on the forward rotation switch signal rotates the motor in the counterclockwise arrow direction when viewed from the load shaft. To keep the alarm signal on, terminals is opened when the protective circuit R1 and S1 areavailable.

Inthiscase,connectthe power supply terminals R 1 and S1 of the control circuit to the primary side of the MC. Remove the lower screw. Pull out the jumper. The jumpers between R-R1 and S-S1 must be removed.

For a different power supply system which takes the power supply of the control circuit from other than the primary side of the MC, this voltage should be equal to the main circuit voltage.

The power supply cable mustnot be connected onlyto the upper terminalto protect the inverter from damage. Only when the built-in brake resistor cannot fr-w240e accept operation at high duty, disconnect the jumper from across terminals P R – P X. Inplace of thatresistor,connecttheexternaldedicatedbrakeresistor option across terminals P and PR.

Do not connect any brake resistor other than the dedicated brake resistor. Do not connect the external brake resistor with the terminals between PR-PX shorted, oth- erwise cr-a240e miaht be damaaed. Remove the screw from terminal PX and remove the iumDer. Terminal PR Terminal Fig. Also, thejumperacrossterminals PR-PX must be removed.

  2330 TSMC PDF

The amnual distance between the inverter, brake unit and resistor unit should be within 5m within 10m if twisted wires are used. In this case, the jumper connected across terminals P1-P must be removed. Otherwise, the reac- tor will not operate. The wiring distance should be within 5m. The DC reactor cannot be used with the inverters fr-2a40e 3.

I L,,,-a 6 Where the power supply is special V or below, V or above for the V series 11K to 55K inverters Change the connection of the jumper to the internal transformer according to the operating power supply voltage. Factory set to the V2 terminals. But changing does not be required for 7.

To prevent accidental electric shock, the motor and inverter must be grounded class 3 grounding Ground the inverter by connecting i t to the dedicated kanual terminal. Do not use the screw in the case, chassis, etc. Refer to page for the terminal block arrangement. Use shielded or twisted cables for connection to the control circuit terminals and run them away from the main and power circuits including the V relay sequence circuit.

Since the frequency setting signals are micro currents, use two parallel micro signal contacts or a twin contact to prevent a contact fault. This calibration potentiometer is not required when making calibration from the parameter unit. Input signal switching can be done from the parameter unit.

The output terminals other than the running RUN terminal allow alarm definition to be output in alarm codes and nine functions to be assigned individually. Connecting the external power supply common for transistor output to the PC terminal prevents a faulty operation caused by a sneak current. AY40 requires DC24V power supply 5. Operation Mode Operation using the external input signals Operation using the parameter unit Combined operation using the external input signals and parameter unit Descrlptlon Remarks The inverter is operated with the start switch, frequency setting potentiometer, etc.

Factory-set to select this operation mode at power on. Prepare the parameter unit if it is not provided for the inverter.

See page 22 for the operating procedure. Start is made by the external input signal, and the running frequency is set from the parameter unit.

The external frequency setting potentiometer and the forward rotation, reverse rotation and stop keys of the parameter unit are invalid.

U The external input signal start switch is invalid. Especially check that the power supply is not connected to termi- nals U, V and W. Insulation resistance test using megger Perform the insulation resistance test using a megger in accordance with the procedure on page Do not conduct the insulation resistance test on the inverter terminals and control circuit terminals. See page 52 for the factory-set values of the functions.

The main items to be set before operation are as follows: Page External Input signal operatlon mode The maximum output frequency is factory-set as indicated below. The setting fra240e be changed when the inverter is run at a higher value.