Friendly Fire, the first collection of short stories from Alaa Al Aswany, acclaimed author of Chicago and The Yacoubian Building, deftly explores the lives o. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Friendly Fire by Alaa Al Aswany. Friendly Fire. Alaa al Aswany, Author, Humphrey Davies, Translator. Harper Perennial $ (p) ISBN

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Hosted by Google, 28 OctoberRetrieved 24 May When he was 37, he married Eman Taymoor and they had two daughters, Mai and Nada.

Eman Taymoor present [1]. The foodgates of memory opened, came over and swept him away, as if the past were a gigantic genie let out of the bottle.

To be fanatic is to categorise people, not to see the human being. The first edition of The Yacoubian Building sold out within four weeks, and the novel became the Arab world’s No 1 bestseller for five successive aswang, selling more thancopies in a region where print-runs seldom exceed 3, They were obliged to hear my ideas, but they couldn’t tolerate my presence.

His mother, Zainab, came from an aristocratic family; her uncle was a Pasha and Minister of Education before the Egyptian Revolution of Orthofer4 November Al Aswany’s writing is generally tighter and more consistent in these smaller, more concentrated efforts — perhaps because he doesn’t have to force bridges between episodes and takes the freedom to only write what needs be written. Cairo University University of Illinois at Chicago.


If we have democracy, Egypt will become a strong, advanced country in less than 10 years. Set around a Chicago campus in the present, it draws on two years the author spent at the University of Illinois in the mids, on a scholarship to study dentistry.

Interview: Alaa Al Aswany | Books | The Guardian

He said, ‘you must keep writing. What were once luxury apartments in criendly colonial quarter have seen the flight of the rich since the 70s, and an influx of rooftop squatters from the countryside. Al-Aswany was born on 26 May But rather than be published abroad, in Lebanon, Al Aswany held out, since imported books are easier to ban.

I could have stayed in America or worked in the Gulf and made a fortune, but I refused. For more than 10 years, you can say what you want, but wswany regime does what it wants.

Through them, readers will see everything in their own lives, including social, political and religious topics, but through the art. Al-Aswany was in Tahrir Square each of the 18 days before Mubarak fell from power. I’m proud that we’ve had young fanatics there; some have become my friends. Yet Al Aswany remains optimistic. It was made into a hit film in Arabic indirected by Marwan Hamed, and an Egyptian television serial last year.

One said he’d never accept that a veiled woman would have a relationship outside marriage.

Egypt’s Years of Revolution”. His latest novel, Chicagohas sold more thancopies in Arabic, and an English translation is published on September 1. Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers. I see the novel as life on the page that is similar to our daily life, but more profound and more beautiful. Egyptian ArabicClassical Arabic.


Al Aswany’s father, Abbas, was a “self-made man from the south”, a novelist and lawyer who won the state award for literature inand died when Alaa was The day it’s not your first priority, you must quit.

Mai Nada Seif [2] [3].

Cairo calling

I try to create characters who, at a given moment, become independent and decide things for themselves. Al Aswany considers Nasser a “great leader, who guaranteed free education for social mobility, but made one big mistake: Yet the much greater scale and reach of his novels, and his free-wheeling mix of stories in them is a great part of their appeal, and while the stories collected in Friendly Fire are well done, the sum of them does not have nearly the power of, especially, a novel such as The Yacoubian Building.

I keep my own voice. A practising dentist in Cairo, he had toiled at fiction for a decade but had been rejected on three occasions by the General Egyptian Book Organisation Gebothe powerful state-run publishers, the last time on his 41st birthday.