Dennis Gartman, The Gartman Letter founder, provides his outlook on crude prices as Hurricane Harvey sweeps along the Texas Gulf Coast and refineries make. The Gartman Letter – a daily financial trading commentary written by Dennis Gartman. Mr. Gartman has been publishing his daily commentary, The Gartman Letter, since Over the years, he has also conducted numerous presentations and .

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Over the years, he has also conducted numerous presentations and courses on issues relating to the capital markets and derivatives for various brokerage firms Similar Products to Review.

This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials.

Sample Letter

I am with RCG. Seen him on CNBC a few times and seems to know his stuff. Not worth it I had access to this letter for free for about 6 months. I requested it in the middle of the month and they let me have it through the end of the next. I got absolutely nothing useful out of it. Discussion in ‘ Educational Resources ‘ started by RiduApr 15, Eventually… in the decades ahead… there is no question but that the Dow will eventually hit 36, but at 68 years old do I expect it to do so in my remaining reasonable lifetime?


I subscribed to the free trial, which comes via email every morning, even sometimes 5 minutes ahead of schedule! Great commentary and analysis. I get his letter as part of my brokerage account.

The Dennis Gartman Letter

Gartman has become a contrarian indicator for traders legter to his consistency of his inaccuracy. Lettsr commodities do you favor and what are you avoiding?

His letter has too much politics in it for my tastes. Dennis Gartman was my english prof at NC State university. Good analysis but I think the price is too high unless you deduct the cost. I thought it was informative but in the end not worth the price for me to keep it.

Dennis Gartman – Editor and Publisher, The Gartman Letter – Inside Alternatives

I recieved it for a month and a half. Now With Over 23, Reviews! A few weeks ago you predicted the Dow would rise to 30, I don’t believe you should follow anyone’s picks, ldtter should only pay attention to those whom you can learn a methodology from. Log in or Sign up.

I did not predict that the Dow would hit 36,; I said it was a possibility from purely technical considerations and nothing more. I could just be having troubles because I need to install the Adobe Flash Player? I tried a trial subscription. Your name or email address: He used to like to play Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young during class.


I favor the grains… wheat firstly; corn secondly. Are crypto currencies for real?

And this was when he was performing well. Gartman has been publishing his daily commentary, The Gartman Letter, since Not much info on the website. Search 10, Financial Products. They are the best futures broker I have ever encountered. They will give you a few weeks lehter if you want to check it out first. No, create an account now.

His calls are mainly loosers and often late. Dennis Gartman is the editor and publisher of The Gartman Letter, a daily commentary on the global capital lettdr. His letter is very good and I read it daily. Wheat production is falling and export demand remains high. No Comments on this Review Leave a Comment. Does anyone here subscribe to his letter, and if so how much does it cost?