K Get Strong at Joseki, Vol. 1 problems on josekis arising from playing the first corner move on the point. K Get Strong at Joseki, Vol. 2. : Get Strong at Joseki 1 (Beginner and Elementary Go Books) ( ) by Richard Bozulich and a great selection of similar New, Used . Get Strong at Joseki 1. Description: In the second volume of the Get Strong at Go Series, Bozulich familiarizes the reader with 11 basic josekis.

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If combined with a study of tesuji and life-and-death problems, your quest to become a dan-level player will be that much easier. How to find us. Studying these problems will help you joskei when to forgo sente moves for gote ones, or when to go on the initiative with a sente move.

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Get Strong at the Joseki 1 by Richard Bozulich

What did I gain from reading this book? An increased liking and familiarity with joseki. There are stronng discussion topics on this book yet. David Leroy added it Mar 22, After the players have mapped out their spheres of influence in the opening, invading these areas is a basic technique of the middle game.

Gett Wonggard rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Ness added it Dec 29, Proper attention is given to how to play once a joseki is finished. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Clark rated it really liked it Nov 03, Contact and Help Account Links.


Memorization then comes effortlessly, making this the perfect joseki book for all players. Matthew Porreca marked it as to-read May 08, How do you win a lost game? Christmas Eve and from Solving a life-and-death problem requires the reading out of the solution as well as the numerous variations and moves that the opponent may respond with. A section of practice problems on how to continue play once the joseki is complete.

The problems contain variations on different scenarios that really help acclimate jpseki reader to seeing how just one slight chance in the sequence can completely change the outcome. Since you will, in general, want to play bigger moves before smaller ones, being able to determine the size of various moves will go a long way strrong increasing your endgame strength. Introduction to the 11 basic joseki focused on in this book.

Christian added it Jul 28, The material in this part is aimed at stronger players. A section of practice problems focusing on joseki variations. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The former web interface is still available. Get Strong at Joseki, Vol. The Workshop Lectures Volume 4. By BenGoZen August 25, Get Strong at Go 10 books. As a result, I would consider my knowledge and ability to use joseki to be very weak.

A fantastic way for players to gain a better handle on using joseki instead of simply memorizing them. Igor marked it as to-read Oct 07, The material is presented as a series of problems.


While the first section of the book regarding joseki variations was a bit difficult for me to work through since my own knowledge of joseki is very weakthe other two sections were very helpful and enjoyable to practice josek I was able to be exposed to a lot of new ideas and practice my whole board evaluation ability.

Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it really liked it Jul 28, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The final part presents 64 problems for the reader to review and practice applying the principles learned in Parts One and Two. There is a whole section devoted to choosing joseki in regards to the entire board.

Book Review: Get Strong at Joseki 1

I enjoy the fact that Bozulich includes some common trick plays and how to handle them. Although this is first and foremost a problem book containing problemsthe explanations of the main topics make it useful as an introduction to life and death and it should be accessible to players who have read an introductory go book and played a few games.

Phisith marked it as to-read Dec 06,