First published in and out of print for the past 40 years (except for a handsome limited edition from Centipede Press), Guy Endore’s “The. The Werewolf of Paris. Guy Endore .. But in the torrid atmosphere of Paris, a nodding acquaintance ripens quickly to intimacy. At any rate among Americans. The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore – book cover, description, publication history.

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Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of He struggles with coming to terms with what he is which adds a lot of depth to his character.

Leading up to this revelation are numerous examples of human wickedness, each act of cruelty and violence leading to the next. He had an unpleasant upbringing being that he was born in New York shivers ; his mother killed herself when he was 4, and then his father put him in an orphanage and sent him to Vienna for 5 years.

The Werewolf of Paris : A Novel

She falls there under the animal magnetism of a tongue-tied Bertrand, a Civil Guard volunteer now, gug the despair of the lady’s beau, the spick Captain Barral de Montfort.

Want to Read saving…. One of the pet theories of the author is that evil begets more evil, and acts of horror are inherited from one generation to another.

Dumas, charged with the care of vulnerable mental patients, sees them, not as tne beings to be treated with compassion and dignity, but as a source of francs to line his pockets. And whatever weakens the beastly soul, either virtue or daylight, warmth of the companionship of man, raises up the human soul.

Bookslut | The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore

The blood he sheds is a hideous parody of the blood of Christ. With two such unusual origins, the union of Bertrand and Sophie was bound to be a strange one. The werewolf of Paris handles the concept wonderfully. Part horror story and part historical fiction, it follows the travails of the titular werewolf of Paris from his birth to his death, as well as his place in the blood-drenched moment of history known as the Franco-Prussian War that was followed by the ill-fated Paris Commune.

For such people seem as if selected by nature to be showered with the best gifts. Here the narrator, an anonymous American working on his doctoral research in Paris, discovers a manuscript in the hands of some trash-pickers. Certainly it shares similarities with Dracula in its documentary format and is a well-written, and even seminal, version of the werewolf myth, but I am not widely enough read in werewolf stories to say whether or not it is the best of them.


That goes for damn near all of the characters, not just Bertrand. The story centers largely around a young man named Bertrand who through no fault of his own is cursed with lycanthropy. It is that they eat people. But unlike Draculait’s no Not only does this justly deserve the label of being the definitive werewolf novel, but it’s just a really damn good book, a near literary masterpiece, which needs to be pulled back out of obscurity and far more widely read that it’s become after falling out of print in the 70s.

The Werewolf of Paris 17 8 Oct 24, Each type of love is perverted into a horrid padis of wdrewolf. Just as a servant plays with his master’s clothes Then the two souls war with each other. View all 5 comments. The men in the canteen lust for Sophie and she, in her love for Bertrand, loves them all. All those calloused, dirty hands that wanted to touch her with intimate caresses.

This book held numerous surprises for me, the first of which was the quality of the writing.

His upbringing interested me because while reading this book I was sure that it was a French author being that the book is deliciously grim with French sensibilities and steeped in revolution that, toward the end, came across as more of a history of Paris during one of the French Revolutions than a book about good old murderous werewolfing.

It concerns two beloved elephants off lived in the zoo. I found this delightful. This book is not the modern fare of smouldering alpha male, but I sense it is a work tha This book has a slow start and occasional disjointed jumping in the middle of the narrative, but once it gets going it is a riveting story set against an intriguing historical backdrop.

The novel doesn’t gloss over the endord legendary nature of werewolves as savage, padis and dangerous, not just smexy men running in a pack with a furry problem She, herself, wanted of life an endless succession of new wonders, new pleasures and surprises.

It is Sophie who insists that Bertrand feed from her. The novel begins with a horrid story of Medieval sadism which serves as an origin story for the events that unfold later. One perpetrator of crime infects another. Sometimes the dreams are memories of actual experiences in which he had transformed into a wolf. Nov 01, Lisa Harmonybites hhe it it was ok Recommends it for: In Paris, he joins the army and o to control his primitive urges, finding solace in an idealistic love affair with a local nobleman’s daughter.


This classic doomed love triangle gives a new dimension to the novel, another throwback to the 19 Century taste in melodrama and grand gestures Eugene Sue is mentioned at one point. I at once sympathized with and despised Bertrand, I was appropriately horrified by his relationship with young and beautiful Sophie as well as his mother In the beginning of the novel, Aymar is firmly opposed to the Weerwolf.

He perverted the act of love by making it an act of violence and now, instead of leading his flock to eternal life, he leads innocent beasts to their deaths. Werewklf book does have its moments.

Bertrand was a monster yes but are og in a world full of rapist, child abusers, and murderers any better than the monsters we fear in stories?

A classic that belongs beside Dracula and Frankenstein with the added benefit of social commentary. An envore vast fear. What could be happening? But wegewolf Draculait’s not as dated in its morality, with far more ethically wrewolf characters which aren’t easy to paint as good or evil. I particularly like the way the violence of the werewolf is linked to and compared with the violence taking place in general at the time.

Apr 03, Dfordoom rated it liked it Shelves: Bertrand is meant to draw the reader’s sympathy for his tragic plight but he is a little two dimensional to really draw you in. We follow Bertrand in his young life, at first so full of promise and then slowly brought to near ruin by his ever-increasing taste for blood.

His adopted uncle, Aymar Galliez, manages to keep his transformations at bay for many years by feeding Bertrand raw, bloody meat. I happen to greatly enjoy the classics and I like to trace their influence on more recent authors.