Welcome to HiVi official shopping mall![ Login in ] [ Sign up ]?Share. 中文 | My Order. Search:. MMKIII. () HOME · COMPANY · PRODUCTS. F3=45Hz HIVI M5A PORTED 15L. 2 x M5a Ported Box 35 liters. F3=45Hz 2 UNITS M5A PORTED 35 L. Bandpass Subwoofer liters. the Robin-X. The Robin-X is about HiVi RT1C planar tweeter. I’ve always wanted to try it with HiVi M5a. What kept me back was the cone.

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What kept me back was the cone breakup of this mid-woofer. The RT1C demands it. Measurements below Hz are in Nearfield.

The M5a seems to breakup at about 8kHz in Fig 1. What is more worrisome is the peak at 4. That is very close to the crossover. Fig 2 — M5a with Low Pass filter.


Robin 2.5 Tower (HiVi M5a)

The 9kHz peak is down dB which is not too bad. The two drivers appear to intersect acoustically at 4kHz.

Fig 5 — Robin-X Frequency Response. The Black plot is the Robin-X frequency response.

Robin Tower (HiVi M5a) – AmpsLab

Note that this is without any smoothing applied. Moreover, no flush mounting for both the M5a and RT1C. This is where it got difficult. It took me a while to get the null looking like this.

This is a good indication that the M5a and the RT1C are crossing properly. Fig 7 — Robin-X Impedance. Power amplifiers will love bivi Robin-X. The minimum impedance is 7.

I tested the Robin-X with a variety of music, from female vocals to strictly instruments. There was a decent amount of bass coming out of the M5a. That alone is sure to impress visitors.

HiVi M5a 5” Midbass/Full Range Swan Speaker Pmax 70W on | Alibaba Group

I did not hear any veil over the mid-range. Voices came out clear and well separated from the mix.


And that RT1C planar tweeter. What more can I say. It sounds absolutely wonderful. Robin-X in play I tested the Robin-X with a variety of music, from female vocals to strictly instruments. For non-commercial use only.