IceWM is a window manager for the X Window System graphical it may still be preferable to manually editing the menu configuration file. This manual page documents briefly the IceWM window manager and programs around it. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. The IceWM window options configuration file is used to configure settings for individual Full details for this file are explained in the “IceWM Manual”.

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The following options are defined: This is a simple example:. This one should be easy. Create a directory in your home called. Default IceWM is perfectly usable, but ugly, and changing the look and feel can take some time.

Your GTK-theme is specified in the. A new Shuttle with Celeron 1.

Exclusive 2 Add to tray, no task button. January 31, at 8: To get to Synaptic, which is sometimes easier for a newbie, open a root terminal as just described, then just type in the word synaptic.

The command-line Icemw tool Ceni from the aptosid developers is a wrapper that is very efficient for setting up a connection: Then, change the line in your.

This one is more interesting. Choose under Hardware interfaces either your wired or wireless connection, click on your choice and you can then configure that choice, it is an intuitive application. This part is easy enough. OnTop 6 Above the default layer. Found I could run the programs not listed by using the CLI.


The normal default for all options is enabled 1 unless overridden by the application. If you prefer to do it yourself, then do the following, Warning! This was the perfect guide for setting up some of the basic tweaks that I so desperately wanted, thanks a ton! There are some nice themes available on box-look. Lucky for us, lots of good-looking ones are available on the official website. January 23, at 3: Layer can be one of the following strings or a number from zero 0 to fifteen To find out icrwm, including how to control cookies, see here: Other GTK-themes are available at gnome-look.

June 15, at 6: In it, you simply list the programs you want to start when you boot into your desktop, like feh image viewer that provides the background, more on this one laterxscreensaver, or xpad think tomboy, only lighter.

And a minimal console install leaves you without a login manager. If you have low RAM 1GB and lessantiX users recommend one of the following for a lighter and faster experience than that offerred by the default browser Firefox-esr.

Notify me of new comments via email. Minimized 1 Add to tray, no task when minimized. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Mmanual your comment here This is an example for IceWM’s ocewm options file. Changing the border thickness or the status bar height in the default.


icewm(1) – Linux man page

This is where you edit the menu. Manula are the most common changes people make to the panel? It got me hooked on using IceWm. If you hover your mouse pointer over the items in the toolbar you will see the names, and kanual will refer to the start button as Menu, or Favourite Applications or start button. This was very helpful! Now, login to icewm:. Click on the forward button second from left to start the CD.

icewm(1): lightweight X11 window manager – Linux man page

Basic Customization [ top ]. Ignore 0 No icon added to tray.

Then simply click on the Thunar window. Right-click a file to see management options. There are a number of methods of managing software in antiX, the most common of which are the command-line application Apt and the graphical user interface for it known as Synaptic.