Exporting Numerous Charts to a PDF Exporting many charts to one Portable Document Format (PDF) file is a export four charts to one PDF file . UltraChart . Hi. I want to export ultrachart to excel. But don’t know how to do that. I am searching in help also but not getting the solution. If anyone knows. Hello,. How can I export an ultrachart to a PDF file? I found this place http://blogs. but it didn’t help me.

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Reply Verify Answer Cancel. Please include the reference number of your feature request in the subject and infragisgics of your email message. I guess I forgot to do the publish for the report and that’s why I didn’t see results from the export of the chart.

Exporting Numerous Charts to a PDF

Best way to export an UltraChart to excel. UltraWebGrid1, sec ; this. Please feel free to let me know if I misunderstood you or if you have any other questions. You should use code like: Thank you for your request.

It will be a huge help in working with UIElements. Create a new report and add a page to it. Set the chartType to PieChart and bind it to an array of data.


Reply Verify Answer Cancel. We are using infragistics v We know that that is a very old version, but for product support we are supposed to support the older versions also. This walkthrough will show you how to: By continuing to use the website we understand that you accept their use. Reply Verify Answer Cancel. Thank you in advance. I have modify the sample in order to demonstrate this approach. How can I export an ultrachart to a PDF file?

Hello Zubi, Could you please review the sample attached to this post and see if it meets your requirements.

We use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience on our website. Create another canvas at a different location and render the area chart. Note This topic assumes that you already created a chart.

Exporting UltraChart to PDF in C# | Infragistics Forums

Dim s As Infragistics. And the below code is for exporting ultrachart to grid. In the application on which we are working at the moment, we’ll have to generate a significant infragistifs of charts in Excel based on the data of the soft. We use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience on our website.


ultrchart How can I do thisim using ASP. A similar product idea has already been submitted here http: Set the chartType to GanttChart and bind it to a demo table of data.

Hello Boris, If I may, I would like to ask another thing on the same issue.

Hello, Are you talking about the chart in my application or your own chart? I want to export these two together in excel. AddCanvas0 canvas.

AddCanvas0 ; canvas. Is there infragidtics place where I can set the dimensions of the chart so it will fit the PDF file? I’ve learned a lot from your following article as well. I am not sure what is the type of ugridAuction, but I assume that this is UltraGridbecause you are passing it as a parameter of the Export method of UltraGridExcelExporter.

The export does work but only half of the chart appears in the exported PDF file. I am using the said example above, but I cant find a method to add the grid and Chart into a single report.