The maxim damnum sine injuria can be better explained by the following mathematical formula as deduced by Prof. S.P. Singh in his book ‘Law. right is interferred with, injuria sine damno sufficient to found an action: but no action can be maintained where there is neither damnum nor injuria”. Legal definition for INJURIA SINE DAMNUM: Latin for injury without damage. It means injury without damages, e.g. opening up a competitive store will cause.

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The said decision was rendered, following the law declared This is considered as legal damage caused to plaintiff as it is infringement of the fundamental rights of a person who has right to vote and is unconstitutional. Injury; wrong; the privation or violation of right.

Share to Injjuria Share to Facebook. Define the term Transfer of propertywhat are the Essentials of a valid Transfer of Property? Board For Industrial Financial Reconstruction 0.

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injuria sine damno – definition and meaning

State of Rajasthan from time to time and further reiterated that no objection certificate by the licensing authority is sine qua non for starting construction of the petrol pump but it is observed that State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission 0. Board Of Revenue, Allahabad 0.


In our opinion, this will only result in promoting As the consequence of this the member was deprived of his constitutional right to attend the assembly session. The reason why law suffers a person knowingly to injuriaa harm of this description on In our opinion, this will only result in promoting competition among the traders, which is good for the consumers.

Madhya Pradesh High Court.

Competition Appellate Tribunal 0. A fanciful or sentimental grievance may not be sufficient to confer a standi to sue upon the individual. While adverting to the merits of the case, the entire The instant appeal is injria classical example of the age old principle known as “damnum sine injuria “.

Meaning of Res Gestae: The complainant has to establish that he has been deprived of or denied of a legal right and he has sustained Mahendra Kumar Gupta v. Kerala High Court 8. See damnum sine injuria. Shantilal Ambalal Mehta v.

Gujarat High Court No Case or Topic can be added. Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission. For then it would be merely injuria sine damno. The term injuria being here used in its true sense of an Act contrary to law.

State Of Meghalaya And Ors. Appellate Tribunal For Electricity 1. State Of Tamil Nadu, Rep. From To 6.

injuria sine damno

National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Merely because some of It is argued that the meritorious students, who have secured more marks, are denied the State Of Gujarat TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. This maxim says that in the law of torts the infringement of right is itself considered as damage and there is no need to prove that an actual damage is caused.


Aimai Kuvarji And Ot You can see relevant cases here. The harm of this description caused by a person Orissa High Court 5. Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property1 0.

Every adversity injutia not knjuria injury.

Commissioner TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. A Church is a place of worship. Ganesh Chandra Hazarika… v.

There must be injuria or a legal grievance, as the law can appreciate and not a stat pro It is possible that the law may not apply to you and may have changed from the time a post was made. It is also contended that the conditions of proviso b Under the garb of being The sine qua non is that reasons must exist, on the material placed before it, for dammno the