Save on ISBN has ISTORIJA MADjARA by ZOLTAN DjERE, TIBOR PAL, ALEKSANDAR KASAS PETAR ROKAI and over 50 million. Istorija Mađara has 2 ratings and 0 reviews. Istorija Mađara obuhvata prošlost mađarskog naroda od njenih početaka u prapostojbini do naših dana. Ona se. Aleksandar Kasaš is the author of Istorija Mađara ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ).

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Papers should be submitted online by 5th September by using the form at our website.

The paper should have the following elements and structure: There should be no more than 10 key words. Times New Roman; font size: Figures, charts, images and illustrations should be prepared within the standard margins, they should have caption and numeration e.

History | Универзитет у Београду – Филозофски факултет

Women as objects in text. They should be black and white.


Monographic publication with more authors: If there are more authors, all should be listed. If there is more than seven authors, first six should be listed, then three punctuation marks, and then the last author. Diplomatsko i konzularno pravo.

Publication with more editions: Revizija u bankama 4. Edited volumes and proceedings: If publication is an edited volume or proceedings, the editor should be listed as author, and his last name and first name initials should be accompanied with Ed.

Institut za evropske studije. Magazine article should have the same format as journal article, with the addition of month if it is a monthly publication and date if it is a weekly publication.


National Geographic Srbija, 38, Same as magazine articles, but with information regarding year, month and day of publication. Ju-Es stil smanjio gubitke. If the author is unknown, title should take the author place: Article in edited volume: All madjarw will go through a process of double blind peer review.


It is necessary to note if the articles is the result of a funded scientific project. The papers that do not follow the instructions for authors will be returned before review.


We kindly ask you to pay attention to the length of a paper, black and white images, and referencing. The Final decision on publication, as well as the order of articles will be decided by the international editorial board. Skip to content Papers should be submitted online by 5th September by using the form at our website. The title madajra the document should be: