Tarot Spells – Janina Renee – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Tarot Spells by Janina Renee. Llwellyn. /5 – Meh Warnings: None except very slight “negative energy will come back to you”. Has any one read and or used the book, “Tarot Spells” by Janina Renee? I bought it, it was only so I figured what the heck. I just started.

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Tarot Spells by Janina Renee

And totally disapear in compere with the numbers from the States But whe have more people dying from an overdose. I did want to mention that they existed, and I’m pretty sure there’s other problematic things hiding that I didn’t quite catch or that I should have addressed in this review.

Janina Renee shows you how over 50 individual cards of a standard 78 deck can be Significators. Gramarye rated it it was amazing May 27, The power of this spell is at its strongest when the parents-to-be perform it together, so the directions are written to be followed by an expectant couple. Okay, I’m a lemming!!!

Medieval Spells Magic and the Occult for Beginners. You’ll find spells for business, for success in competition and for courage. It’s like the author thought to themselves, let me make a book about Tarot spells, specifically let’s do one spell technique and copy the format repeatedly.

The Arthurian Tarot, developed this stunning deck especially for Llewellyn to honor the Welsh heritage of Llewellyn George, who founded the At first, I was nervous about trying the spells, because I wondered if it would be too draining. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Part of me is very intrigued by the idea of tarot spells and part of me thinks that it is way way way out of my comfort zone.


The artwork by Robin Wood is gorgeous. I use it when I read for myself.

Know that it is not necessary to memorize anything. No, I dont think the devil is going to pop out at me, but can I rely on the old “Devil made me do it excuse” when I face Peter at the pearly gates?

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Spells on New Moon? Arrange for some time to be alone and undisturbed; an hour would be about right. In a lot of ways, some of these spells are super creepy.

The cover shown on goodreads is of an old edition. I’m familiar with the tarot, and I’m also familiar with spell-crafting. April 30 May Eve The Beltane RitualFragrant flowers, lush green foliage, and warmer temperatures celebrate the magical energies of love. If you practice magick, and you have a tarot deck, this is a worthwhile, practical, and natural addition to your magickal library!

The words were not in the spell and visualizations were not powerful enough in my opinion. One extremely pointed example of this lack of consent in spells in this book, is spell number 62, where in you are demanding money back from someone whom you’ve loaned money to.

One of the spells I did was to find someone – an animal. Take the place of the pentacle? The appendices also have descriptions and charts for colors and their meaning in color therapy, how to prepare for spells and the rituals associated with spells, a thorough look at spell accessories.

Ordered this book yesterday.

Review: Tarot Spells by Janina Renee – 3.5/5

The appendices which are rather many give over lots of good information about what each tarot card means, what different colors correspond to and a few other goodies on Chrystal’s plus there is ianina extensive bibliography in the back.

I do and they are cool Her book is wonderfully positive, and I believe can it be life-changing for many. However, if you open your mind and browse through this book, you will see immediately that it is all positive with only beauty within. What if I stink and I am just deluding myself?


Mari Funai rated it it was amazing Apr 29, I am stating my own opinions based on the experiences I had with the book. Most people think that Tarot cards are only for doing readings. The list of spells just rende on and on! The spells are relatively simple to do. Most people think that Tarot cards are only for doing readings.

I’ve been wanting to learn more about using Tarot in spellcraft and this book clearly jumped out at me. Help in finding lost animal, Tapping the unconscious mind for knowledge, Summoning motivation, and so on. Do you want to know what is around the corner? But mostly this book is about using the cards of the Tarot to cast spells that will change your life.

Because there are no pregnant people who are not married, and of course there are no women who are married to other genders than men. This is only one example of the amount of copied and pasted materials in spells.

But I have been teaching from and suggesting this book for years, I think you will appreciate it, too. Apr 25, Plamen rated it really liked it. It shows which cards to place in front of you and what to say to get different spellls to work.

It has a good variety of everyday spells as well as some more intense ones, and it makes spellls very easy to get started doing the spells right away.