Set during the Cultural Revolution, “Wolf Totem” describes the education of And, especially in its depictions of wolf hunts, Jiang Rong’s novel. Ursula K Le Guin goes hunting on the Mongolian plains with Jiang Rong and his Chinese bestseller Wolf Totem. Wolf Totem. Jiang Rong, Author, Howard Goldblatt, Translator, trans. from the Chinese by Howard Goldblatt. Penguin Press $ (p).

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The sky jiwng the god of these people, the wolf their totem and their teacher. While this book is most certainly a tale of the grasslands of the last 10, years and what happens when modern living creeps in, it is also a book about so much more. Sebuah permulaan untuk menyebut serigala sebagai legenda. Jiang Rong had several things in mind: He’s there to be “re-educated” by working with the nomadic herders, part of Mao’s nation-wide wacky strategy against the “elite”. Tapi hasilnya, cerita itu tinggal bersamaku bahkan setelah halaman terakhir ditutup, seperti bekas yang tinggal setelah luka sembuh.

In tong Chinese edition, there is a quote from a famous person both Western and Eastern before each chapter that sort of sets the theme for the chapter, gives further insight into the political ideas in the story, etc.

The message becomes as boring as the endless scenes of hunting and killing. Their way of life is something completely alien to his experience. Also the character development was amazingly shallow.

Kisah ini menjadi menarik karena berlangsung selama periode Revolusi Budaya yang hiruk-pikuk. What is your sense of him as a novelist?

Kekalahan cinta dari materi.


The biggest sellers tend to be published rlng the Internet, and a few of those eventually find their way into print. New Zealand director Peter Jackson was approached, but production did not take place. Wolf Totem is semi-autobiographical and Jiang’s passion for the Mongol I finished this book 2 days ago, after having my head buried in it for 4 days and I just can’t stop thinking about it.

A scene of dead horses ambushed in the blizzard is stark and affecting. There are nonetheless strong messages that the author wanted to put across, the most important being: Ron a lot of the dialogue fel Guh But this is a subject that is outside the scope of this review.

Wolf Totem by Jiang Rong

Well, it was slow going somewhat. Or could it be that they identify with the immensely clever but terribly beleaguered wolves?

Terutama oleh Bilgee sang tetua yang dihormati penduduk setempat. Padahal manusia lah yang penganggu, menganggu kehidupan alam liar, mengganggu kehidupan yang penuh mistis, menganggu kampung halaman milik Serigala, hingga akhirnya manusia sendiri juga yang menanggung bencana alam yang tak tertahankan akibat dari sikap tak terkendali mereka.

The sad part is that we can see it happening everyday all around us. In NovemberLe Vision Pictures has entered into a two-picture deal with The Lion King director Rob Minkoff and producing partner Pietro Ventani to co-develop and produce the epic animated feature based on the novel. Di buku ini, aku jadi tahu bagaimana Kuda hidup, mereka memaksakan anak gadis mereka yang sedang birahi agar keluar dari keluarga untuk diperebutkan oleh para pejantan muda.

Under the leadership of the arrogant official Bao Shungui, Chinese troops pursue a ruthless program to drive the wolves out of the region. I finished this book 2 days ago, after having my head buried in it for 4 days and I just can’t stop thinking about it.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This was a perspective that I found less interesting and too much of a simple dichotomy.

Wolf Totem

Literary Chinese is ten- to a hundred-fold more musical and imagistic. They immediately launch a campaign to exterminate the wolves, sending the balance that has been maintained toten religious dedication for thousands of years into a yotem leading to extinction-first the wolves, then the Mongol culture, finally the land. Lihai sekali pengarang menempatkan ceritanya; pertama-tama menarik aku ke padang rumput Mongolia, mengajari aku melihat kehidupan padang rumput dari mata Chen, belajar dari kebijaksanaan Bilgee, dan memukauku dengan kecerdasan, kekuatan, dan bahkan ‘spiritualisme’ serigala-serigala Olonbulag.

Chen Zhen memandang ke utara dengan rasa sedih.

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Wolf Totem by Jiang Rong – Reading Guide – : Books

It’s about a Beijing student sent to inner Mongolia during the cultural revolution in the s. Man Asian Literary Prize But Wolf Totem is not just a stinging, yet well-meaning ecological fable it is also a strident call for Chinese nationalism. Change page number please 3 14 Jul 14, By leaving these parts out of the translation we are left with a neutered adventure novel rather than a political statement. Retrieved 3 February Until finally I became transfixed with the play of the words and the story itself.