Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Returning to the land of the Sevenwaters trilogy (Daughter of the Forest, etc.), Marillier deftly weaves a fey story of. Juliet Marillier’s manificient return to the realm of Sevenwaters – a glorious stand- alone novel set in the world which became an instant Fantasy classic. Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Beware, readers, for spoilers lie ahead. So, he was killed off by Mac Dara. Even established writers are subject to market pressures and editors sometimes have to argue strongly in-house for certain authors to be taken up.

Juliet Marillier | The Official Site | Author of Historical Fantasy – Heir to Sevenwaters

Instead, I got half of a novel about her, and half of a novel about her fawning over Cathal. It was soo awsome. The process is a bit like this: Keep up the great work! He didn’t want Clodagh because he didn’t want to hurt Aiden, but he didn’t want Aiden to marllier her either.

Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier

Sevenwaters is the same magical place, but this time a new foe appears, and another daughter of Sevenwaters rises to the challenge of defending her family and loves. This ability for all-inclusive love is the key to her quest. One need not be a warrior woman to handle a quest or be a hero. When I get to the end, I put the manuscript aside for about a month and then come back to it with fresh eyes for more revision.

To reclaim her brother, Clodagh must enter the shadowy Otherworld and confront the powerful prince who rules there. Ultimately, Heir to Sevenwaters is the type of fairytale I’d have wanted to hear as a young child; one where a mere Cinderella-esque housewife transforms into a woman who can fend for herself, save the future of her family, and rescue her own prince too.


One thing about Sevenwaters is how realistic it is — generations dying and being replaced, and I felt every death in that family as a personal loss. The Best Books of She set the story up for more books, but if they are anything like Heir to Sevenwaters I would rather not read them. The chieftains of Sevenwaters have long been custodians of a vast and mysterious forest?

However, once Clodagh was removed from her home center she became bland. Why is Johnny gay? I just wanted to say that I love your books!

The fourth book of the series is the most Celtic and the darkest of all until now. Gemma, Heir to Sevenwaters does contain some of the old characters including Fiacha, who has now appeared on two covers, not bad for a bird as well as interesting new ones.

Take Five Interview: Juliet Marillier and Heir to Sevenwaters

The narrator is Caitrin. Although she is known as the daughter whose sole skill lies in her household duties, as Sevenwaters sinks into chaos, both of a political and emotional nature, Clodagh manages to hold her own and stay strong for her family, remaining a constant rock of support for them.

All of her tales show immense strength of the hero’s and heroines, and this one is wonderful. Clodagh shares a psychic mind-link with her twin sister Deirdre Dair-drajust as her father, Sean, shares with his twin Liadan.

Heir to Sevenwaters 4 43 Oct 14, Marillier disappointed me with this one. View all 4 comments. But it also has disadvantages: My biggest complaint about Son of the Shadows was that Liaden felt like a carbon copy of Sorcha without adding anything fresh to the model.

Thanks so much for this book, Juliet.

For example, through the story, it is clear that the gods as they perceived at that time were not necessarily human assistants, nor did they represent the way people functioned; instead, they were considered creatures outside human logic, so much sveenwaters than us that they could not perceive our psychology. Juliet’s historical fantasy novels are published internationally and have won a number of awards. I’m not sure how she has managed so many different love stories that are all so fabulous but she did it again.


But please, let your editor know that there are readers not fully satisfied by short books by their favorite author. Yay, I know what I want for Christmas. Nov 21, Kristen McQuinn rated it liked it Shelves: Flame follows Maeve, one of Lord Sean’s daughters, on her return to Sevenwaters after ten years away at Harrowfield. And Clodagh……well, she did help to save her brother, which is worth noting, but after that her role in the book ju,iet questionable, because Cathal takes the reins completely.

What I want to say is: Now, Lord Beir daughters are growing and the house is a circle of joy for Lady Aisling is expecting again and this time, she is certain that her child is the long awaited son and heir to Sevenwaters.

Thank you for responding so kindly to my little rave!

Hardcoverpages. Once again, I loved the characters Juliet, Just wanted to say how much I respect your writing. I can’t believe the same person wrote this and the first two books of the Sevenwaters trilogy. I did leave things open for a sequel or two.

Please tell us about your writing process. Clodagh’s twin is being wed to a young nobleman, and Sevenwaters is filled with visitors, including the handsome Aidan, and his best friend and foster-brother, Cathal Ka-hallboth young men in her cousin’s retinue.