Kaula, also known as Kula, Kulamārga (“the Kula practice”) and Kaulācāra (“the Kaula conduct”), is a religious tradition in Shaktism and tantric Shaivism. Kaula Upanishad is the author of The Kaula Sutras or the Kaula Upanishad ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ). Well, I found the Kaula Upanishad. This actually looks like a good site. Lots of different tantra related topics. The Kaula Upanishad Upanishad.

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So the great poet Kalidasa in his Hymn to the Mother Amba- stotra speaks of Her as “the very self of ihe Guru of bound- less mercy.

Text, with Intro- duction and Commentary by Vimalananda Svami. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Pentad of Hymns of Kundalini Yoga. The Asiatic Society of Bengal has published 27 of the Atharvana Upanishads with commentary of Narayana, as also one page of the Garudopanishad.

There appear to have been differing forms of Kaula worship as evidenced by the commentary of Lakshmidhara on the Saundaryalahari who was himself a Kaula and a man of great learning but spoke with severe condemnation of some of the practices of what he calls the Uttara or Northern K aulas.

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Kaula Upanishad

I have given the lucid com- mentary of Lakshmidhara. In fact the adjective Tantrik is largely a western term. Kaula practices are based on tantraclosely related to the siddha tradition and shaktism. The Venkateshvara Press of Bombay has in the volume named Shfiktapramoda included Taropanishad which however is a different Upanishad from that which is here published under the same name though it is possible that what is there and here published may belong to one and the same Upanishad.

This is the same upabishad as saying that Shakti or Dharma is not separate from that in which she inheres Adhara which is here the Brahman. The Kaulopanishad is as it were the seed of upanjshad Kaula doctrine and form of worship which is amplified in the Kularnava and other Tantras and Samhitas. Their delivery is prompt, packaging very secure and the price reasonable.


A man who is not an Adhikari for a particular Darshana should not be initiated therein. Though Shruti is endless it points to one Veda or Truth. The Anandashrama of Poona has published a volume contaning 32 Upanishads some of which belong to the Atharva Veda, a number of these have commentaries both by Narayana and Shangkarananda.

As always, I can count on Exotic India to find treasures not found in stores in my area. XII and in the Press fully deals.

Kaula (Hinduism)

Kaula sacrifice yajna is puanishad primarily as an inward act. Therefore these two texts here pub- lished under these two names are also published for the first time.

kpanishad I was very pleased with the meticulous method of shipping. In this way obeisance is to be made to each of the other upaniishad Gurus of the Siddha and Manava classes, mentioning along with the name of each the name of the associated organ and Nadi and touching the organs named and last of all Vyapaka Nyasa should be done saying obeisance to the Her body which is the Shrichakra composed of nine Chakras.

Absolute freedom is to be found only in the revelation of the unity of the spirit with God, a state described as Atma-vyapti or re-absorption into the true Self atman or Shiva-vyapti: A Translation from the Sanskrit, with Introduction and Commentary.

The four classes of priests are also well-known, namely, Adhvaryu, Hota, Udgata and Brahma the last of whom superintend the work of’ uoanishad other Ritviks.

Here the kaulas are unlike Advaita and Vedawhere there is the conception that maya cosmic illusion is superimposed upon the brahman absoluteinducing a sort of illusory creation. The argument is that as the Vedas are spoken of as Trayi Vidya. The guru is considered to form a single Self atman with his disciples.

The power of a ritual lies in its repetition. In this way in the first five Riks the Shrichakra of Tripurasundari is described.


It is the absolute, the noble cosmic bliss consisting of both Shiva and Shakti. The relation between a Kaula’s parts is realized through mutual reflection.

See introduction to the Karpuradi Stotra in this series. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The word or phoneme is not useful in itself, as it does not have efficiency unless the disciple received his initiation from an authentic master.

The Nirnaya- sagara Press of Bombay has published a volume containing the text only of Upanishads which is erroneously believed by not a few to be a complete list. Please help improve the article with a good introductory style. Consciousness expands into the so-called pure realitya level that is considered to exist beyond time and space, where the powers of knowledge and action are unfettered, there are no conditioning desires or needs to be fulfilled and bliss is directly present in consciousness.

As a consequence, any perception of the exterior reality becomes nondual. Thank you so much.

कौलोपनिषद् Kaula Upanishad with Sanskrit Commentary of Bhaskar Rai

Thank you very much. For privacy concerns, please view our Privacy Policy. Disciples eminently open towards their guru’s spiritual influence are named spiritual sons and held to know the highest state of consciousness [24] by their direct link to their guru’s illuminated heart. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Verify the characters on the left From: Translated by and notes of Arthur Avalon. In Kashmir Shaivism, Supreme Consciousness Citidentical to Akula is considered to be the substrate of manifestation.

With commentary by Bhaskararaya. Share our website with your friends. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.