There was a whole lot more of Klute in the original script than what survived in the film. It’s my besetting fault as a writer that I get wound up in my characters and . Klute script at the Internet Movie Script Database. KLUTE It looks like he sent her quite a few of those Holly — the girl — she recalls six or seven letters like. Documents Similar To Klute. HER () Spilke Jonze -Final. Uploaded by. Joshua David · Far From Heaven (). Uploaded by. Justin Deimen · A Single .

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Then makes a curious, small gesture of her hand — deposits another dime, dials again, is answered. Yeah, do I what I do and move kpute. Are the clothes all the right color? BREE Not young; he wasn’t young — gray at the temples, he — well actually he looked like you. Then a moment later, she cries out again, more sharply: Klute sorts his notes.

Andy Lewis, Oscar-nominated for ‘Klute’ screenplay, dies at 92 – The Boston Globe

There are joyous sounds of celebration. People hating me — and watching me and following and waiting to hurt me — you know? He married Sally Cushman that year and they lived in Concord. For all I know, he may have given it much thought before, but in this particular instance, in our script, it was there waiting for him.


She was responsible for it. Your stock in trade a man’s weakness.

Andy Lewis, Oscar-nominated for ‘Klute’ screenplay; at 92

There were problems with Brad Pitt? You want them to feel this, you want them to feel that way. It never happened with Woody. But she won’t be driven away.

At a point, he drops to hands and knees, slides underneath the garment racks, drawing closer to Cable, trying to gain position. He turns back, plugs in the electric fan. You mention relationships with directors. We see a controlled incredulity and revulsion. Well it’s more than loneliness. After that, I might discover who shot it.

She is running away from him again, to a corner of the apartment, fumbling at a sewing basket. The movie-within-a-movie ended up in black an white. Bree has been assembling armfuls of dresses to carry away with her.

BREE Frank, he knows you’re a pimp. When the scene stops, you stop. Then he secures a pistol from his jacket and folds the jacket itself over his arm to conceal it, as a matter of public decorumand goes on out.

Klute Script at IMSDb.

BREE And Cannes was quite fun, quite; scrip we played baccarat and chemindefer and there was a nice little Italian marquis quite enthusiastic for me — but a young man can be so silly — MR. I would feel personally uncomfortable to be connected with a — certain kind of woman, I’m sure you understand. From not far off, the sounds of trash cans being collected.


Frank has faced around on the stairs, still bleeding extravagantly from his torn scalp. The things I enjoy all tend to be a little crooked or a little off.

I thought it was very good. And we hear, along with the throbbing of the engines, a stirring about of the water and a peculiar third noise — rather commingled with the engines — which we sccript at first identify.

And we were fighting. So being able to do that is kind of a key issue.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

You said not to worry any more, all over, right? We cut back to a closeup of Mrs.

Then I suppose it was the — the contempt I saw in his face and the certainty that sooner or later he’d use it against me.